Awesome Indies Seal of Approval!

I’m delighted to say that all of my books have now been approved by Awesome Indies, which means that:

AIA Badge Gold for web

“Publishing industry professionals have evaluated these books against specific criteria for quality fiction.”

Lifting the Lid received the Awesome Indies Seal of Approval some time ago, but more recently, Heads You Lose and Quest for the Holey Snail have also been approved.

Click on the title of each book if you’d like to read the full reviews.

8 thoughts on “Awesome Indies Seal of Approval!

  1. Marvellous. They’d make really good two- or three-part TV series – the dialogue is cracking. In a good way. (I need to post my write-up of Heads You Lose. I’ve just realised I never did.)



  2. Just finished a kilo of string. This brought back many good memories for me of working summer seasons in Greece especially Corfu (where every male is called Spiros!) Robs writing style and spot on observations shines through! One (very) minor complaint (and not about this book) when are Sandra and Trevor back?


    • Hi, Rick. Good to hear from you again and pleased to hear you enjoyed A Kilo of String. Round here, the most popular name for men seems to be Yannis, so Penny and I have to have other names for them so we know who we’re talking about — e.g. Yanni Sparks (electrician), Yanni Aircon (fixes aircon systems), Yanni Sax (plays saxophone), etc, etc. Did you used to be a holiday rep on Corfu?

      As for Trevor and Sandra, they’re still on a sabbatical at the moment, although hopefully they’ll be back to work before too long. However, the book I’m working on at the moment is quite similar in style to their books although with different characters. Should be out by the end of the year.

      Incidentally, if you have the time (and the inclination!), woud you mind posting a quick review of A Kilo of String on Amazon?

      All the best, Rob


      • Hi Rob,

        Yes indeed I was a rep for a disreputable “young persons” tour operator! Of course I will leave glowing praise on Amazon. I have signed up for email alerts so will know when the next one is out!

        Best regards


        • Hi Rick,

          Many thanks for the excellent review. Much appreciated. Thanks also for signing up for email alerts.

          I think I can guess which “young persons” tour operator you mean. Being a rep for them sounds like a lot of fun or a complete nightmare.

          Cheers for now,



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