The Dog Ate My Microphone – Episode Nine of ‘A Kilo of String’ Podcast Series

Angela Merkel’s jacket – bad taste or deliberate provocation? Greece – still listless after all these years? Are undocumented cheese pies the real cause of Greece’s financial woes? What did Merkel really say to Samaras?

Listen to the podcast to find the answers to these and many other important questions about life in Greece.

Click the play button or download the MP3 (15 mins 54 secs – 5.9 Mb)

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14 thoughts on “The Dog Ate My Microphone – Episode Nine of ‘A Kilo of String’ Podcast Series

  1. How many Albanian’s have spent time in Splot then? I nearly mentioned this accent business some time ago in connection with your ‘match of the day’ episode. To recap, Alan Hanson has a Scottish accent, Gary Lineker carries echoes of his Leicester roots and Alan Shearer has what passes for a posh Gosforth accent doon the toon. I was at a complete loss to know what you were doing. Mind you that Greek bloke you do is brilliant sounds just like that bloke Harry Enfield used to do. Ciao!


    • Given that I didn’t actually say that the Albanian character spoke with a Welsh (or even Splot) accent, how did you know that this was what I intended? Aha! Gotcha!

      Might I also make so bold as to point out your use of the greengrocer’s (i.e. inappropriate usage of) apostrophe in Albanian’s? Aha again. Thirty-love to me I think! 🙂


      • I concede the apostrophe point, don’t know what happened – have you got predictive text on here? But I came to the Splot conclusion because of: how you said the words. What I believe many years ago we were both taught to call ‘critical analysis’. Do you remember the joke about the clever twin who offers to deal with the sarcastic clown who keeps teasing his less clever brother? 30 all!


        • Re your coming to the Splot conclusion because of “how [I] said the words”, this is surely another way of saying ‘accent’. (Successfully disputed line call = 30-15.) Get thee behind me, critical analysis!

          Do I remember the joke about the clever twin who offers to deal with the sarcastic clown who keeps teasing his less clever brother? – No. 40-15. 🙂


      • Removing the reply function from the post below is, I think, an admission of defeat rather than deuce. A McEnroe tantrum almost. You will find references to ‘critical analysis’ in that green book which you used to carry in and out of lectures. I will e mail you the joke, it is rude.


        • The disappearance of the reply function was a technical glitch and by no means deliberate. Now fixed (I think), so you can carry on prattling. 🙂

          I’m not sure where the green book is now. I thought you had it.

          Joke duly received by email. I remember it now and yes it is a tad risqué.


  2. Talking about apostrophes. My sister says I can be apostrophe consultant on her new film on ice-skating techniques (I’m not making this up) because I sorted out the inconsistency of “Lady’s steps” and “Men’s steps”. “Is it plurals you want, or not?” I spluttered. This was last night.

    And, oh yeh – I’m still loving the podcast’s. I was glad to find out your back in business. And you can stop that spluttering now.



    • Took me quite a while to stop spluttering over that last ‘sentence’. Bah.

      You an apostrophe consultant??? If memory serves, I think it was you who used to advocate doing away with the apostrophe altogether! I shall therefore inform your sister immediately that you are (you’re) an imposter and should not (shouldn’t) be allowed within editing distance of any apostrophe, regardless of whether they are to indicate possession (singular and plural) or omission.

      Glad you’re still enjoyin’ the podcasts though. 🙂


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