Having worked for several years as an administrator and publicist for touring theatre companies, I decided to try my hand at writing plays myself. Four of these were professionally produced and toured throughout the UK, but when public funding for non-commercial theatre virtually dried up overnight I was forced into the world of ‘proper jobs’ as my father liked to call them.

During this period, I also made use of my Equity card and appeared in numerous TV shows as a ‘supporting artiste’, otherwise and somewhat less attractively known as an ‘extra’. (Ricky Gervaise was spot on by the way. Just wish I’d written Extras myself.)

I now live on a 5-acre smallholding in Greece with my wife, Penny, five rescue dogs and two cats and divide my time between writing and growing olives organically for oil.

The first two books in my ‘Lifting the Lid’ comedy thriller series – Lifting the Lid and Heads You Lose – are available from an online bookseller near you in ebook and paperback formats. (See links at right of page.)

Also available is my novel, Quest for the Holey Snail, which is difficult to categorise, so I’ll just say it’s a comedy time travel crime adventure.

Then there’s A Kilo of String, which isn’t a novel at all and is mostly about our often bizarre experiences of living in Greece since moving here in 2004.

Finally (well, hopefully not), my latest novel is a comedy crime caper called Cremains, which begins with an elderly woman being crushed to death under a falling baby grand piano.

For more information, please visit my Amazon Author page.