My Big Fat Greek Defence Budget – Episode One of ‘One Thing and Another’ Podcast Series

A bit of spoof investigative journalism into why Greece spends enormous amounts of money on buying weapons whilst simultaneously making massive cuts in jobs, wages, pensions and healthcare.

Eurozone leaders such as Merkel and Sarkozy have been heavily critical of how much Greece spends on healthcare and pensions but have said precious little about its arms expenditure. Could this possibly have anything to do with the fact that most of Greece’s shiny new submarines, fighter planes and tanks have been bought from Germany and France as well as the USA? Or is that just me being cynical?

Click the play button or download the MP3 (9 mins 14 secs – 5.5 Mb)

Snow Going Back – Episode Two of ‘A Kilo of String’ Podcast Series

Why are there so many blind people on the Greek island of Zakynthos? What’s all this white stuff? Does your chewing gum lose its flavour on the bedpost overnight?

Listen to the podcast to find the answers to these and many other important questions about life in Greece… Well maybe not the chewing gum one. Listen to podcast…