‘Cremains’ – Reviews

Below are some of the comments I’ve received so far from critics, other authors and readers about Cremains:


‘I am a fan of Rob Johnson’s writing, and once again, he did not disappoint. In Cremains, he has concocted a unique and witty storyline complete with a cast of quirky characters that keep the reader engaged from page one to “The End.” And bravo for the terrific cover art. An easy 5 stars.’ – Pamela Allegretto (Author of Bridge of Sighs and Dreams)

‘This book hits all the tropes I expected. It’s a mix of black humour, intrigue, suspense and constant action. There is some violence but it’s cartoon violence (think Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels). It’s a book that will put you inside an amusing bubble for a while and keep you guessing.’ – John Martin on Goodreads (Author of the Windy Mountain series)


‘Another rollicking ride from this master of the genre! I have enjoyed all Rob’s books and waited impatiently for this latest tale…was it worth the wait? You bet! The hilarious plot, side plots, amazing characterisations and the sheer imagination of the parallel story lines, culminating in a splendid denouement are all trademarks of Rob’s books… Thanks Rob…brilliant as ever!’ – corsario

‘I’ve read a few of Rob’s books and love his humor. This is a funny and thrilling adventure involving human ashes, cocaine, Greek thugs and a disgraced bank manager… This is an entertaining and amusing read and I definitely recommend it.’ – fabulouschrissie

‘Hilarious! Unpredictable! With the author’s dark and twisted sense of humor, he spins a tale that kept me laughing and giggling all the way through this funny funny book. I’ve read all of Rob Johnson’s other books and look forward to more.’ – lpland

‘Johnson hits the ‘dead centre’ of black comedy. Another ghoulish mix of outright farce and grotesque villains (and of course a camper van) from Rob Johnson who sets a galloping pace in this caper involving lost cocaine, undertakers, a gang of inept bank robbers and the hilarious gangster Nick the ‘frickin’ Greek. It keeps you guessing to the end even if you think you’ve figured it out.’ – Anthony Sawdrie

‘Rob Johnson did it once again! He wrote a fantastic book, full with great black humour…
I really enjoyed the characters and the plot. I read it during my holidays and was a real pleasure! Looking forward to his next book when it is published. A must read!’ – Yannis

‘First book I have ever read by this author. I cannot wait to read more. This was one of the funniest books I ever read. I had to fight hard to keep myself from bursting out laughing. My wife was sleeping next to me and I was SO worried I was going to wake her up.

How anyone can make a tale about death and drugs and gangsters and adultery, kidnapping SO danged hilarious…it beggars belief. But here it is. Piano falls on old lady. Cue the laugh track. How DOES he do it? I can picture Rob in his writing room, putting this together and busting his guts in laughter. WELL DONE, Mate!

I readily admit that I am a sucker for British humour, and this is loaded with it. But I objectively think there is more to it than that. RJ seems just to be a naturally gifted story-teller. I will need to sample more of his work to be sure. But if his other books are anything like this, I have found a new favorite author.’ – James Frederick (on Goodreads)

‘Most amusing. This is the third book by Rob Johnson that I have read, and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. They are laugh out loud funny, and only a man with a wonderful sense of humor and adventure could possibly dream up the crazy adventures that his characters get into. More of the same please.’ – Frankie

‘I fell in love with “Lifting the Lid” and found this novel just as humorous. Rob Johnson has a creative way of English laugh out loud humor. Worthy read if you like a off the cuff storytelling. I like the last two lines in the novel . . . what a wrap up.’ – DR. Slater

‘It’s proper good! I read this in 2 sittings… I loved the twists and turns and could tell this was the author’s book when 3 pages in as his wit and dry humour shone through. Buy this book and read it!’ – Rick Lawrence

‘Fun light crime drama – comedy. Comedy / Drama set in light crime predicament. Script keeps interest moving quickly.’ – Mike

‘Fun romp. The story is an amusing journey of a day in the life of a character most can relate to at one point in our lives.’ – Kimi

‘Light hearted comedy of errors. Excellent light read. Light hearted funny similar style to Tom Sharpe’s Wilt.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Crazy read. After I got going on this story I got a kick out of all the shenanigans. Made me laugh a lot.’ – Kindle Customer

‘From a cracking good first sentence, Cremains carries on to tick every box you’d expect from a “comedy crime caper”: There’s the constant action, the snarking black humor, the almost cartoonish casual violence and whiplash plot twists, all present and accounting well for themselves… It’s a short, amusing read that takes us away from life as we know it and into a pleasant, if somewhat dark and grubby little fantasy world where only the really bad guys are punished and the “sort of good guys” do prosper.’ – Rebecca (on Goodreads)

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