‘Cremains’ – Reviews

Below are some of the comments I’ve received so far from readers about Cremains:


‘Another rollicking ride from this master of the genre! I have enjoyed all Rob’s books and waited impatiently for this latest tale…was it worth the wait?
You bet! The hilarious plot, side plots, amazing characterisations and the sheer imagination of the parallel story lines, culminating in a splendid denoument are all trademarks of Rob’s books.
Hapless “heroes” with incompetent sidekicks, a strange accident with a piano, gang rivalry over a consignment of drugs, numerous clashes of wits and some violent (but amusing) scenes with dialogue that keeps you smiling, some excellently crafted side issues all beautifully woven into the action…and a game of “chase” from the South all the way to a hillside in Scotland involving a camper van, a BMW a Merc and a taxi…
Go on, read it! Those familiar with the author’s earlier works will love it, and for those yet to sample his craft, well this is a good place to start, being a one-off rather than a series. If you love this as much as I did, you will rewind and read through his other books in the order they were written, and await his next volume with the same anticipation (and impatience) as did I.
Thanks Rob…brilliant as ever!’ – corsario

Click here for details and where to buy Cremains.

Click here to read the opening chapters.



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