‘Dishing the Dirt’ – Reviews

Below are some of the comments I’ve received so far from critics, other authors and readers about Dishing the Dirt:


‘A superb follow up in this series. Engaging storyline from start to finish. A really enjoyable book, not unsurprising given Rob Johnson’s previous work, with some excellent twists and turns right up until the very end. If you haven’t read any of the others in the series it won’t affect this one but just for the sheer enjoyment, I’d recommend reading them all in order. Roll on the next instalment.’ – Kindle Customer

‘Another great read. The pair face twists and turns which will surprise even the most astute readers. As always with Rob Johnson’s work the pages turn themselves and the laughs leap out at you as you scratch your head at the decisions made by the ill fated pair. This has been a tough year for everyone but even if you can’t go to your favourite holiday destination you can at least escape into the wonderful world that this author creates for you. Read it now wherever you can find a place to sit down.’ – EricB

‘Great third instalment from Johnson. I’ve enjoyed all these books. Easy and fun with twists.’ – Kindle Customer

‘Back with our favourite detective duo! Long awaited, but so glad to have the next in the series! Rob has excelled in his scene-setting skills, and for fans of his previous books (and not just those in this particular series) you will not be disappointed… Just get a copy and get back into the shambolic and crazy twists and turns as this story unfolds. During lockdown, I re-read Rob’s entire back-catalogue, and I laughed over again at the shenanigans and mishaps of the two hapless detectives, and all the other characters of the other books. Do yourself a favour and bring some fun into your life…you will not regret it. Rob has a knack of pulling you in, and holding you mystified, and when you emerge you will say what a good ride you had!’ – corsario

‘I really enjoyed all the books in this series I really like the characters and the mix of action and comedy in these books.’ – Kelly Wolf

‘Great book. Rolls along like the rest. Very engaging and fun. A must have.’ – Mr Patrick R. Garry

‘It’s hilarious. Love the story. I do hope some of the characters either make the sequel or perhaps a book of their own. The further adventures of a Scottish hitman would be a great title.’ – Phil Altimas (on Goodreads)

‘As funny as the previous episodes. Well worth buying the whole series; never fails to bring a smile, even on multiple readings.’ – Sridhar Prayaga

‘Very enjoyable. I enjoyed the first two books in this series, so when I saw there was a third, I knew it was worth a read, and it didn’t disappoint. Book 3 sees Trevor, Sandra, and Milly the dog get into all manner of scrapes. It twists and turns, before coming to a very satisfying conclusion. I hope there’s going to be a Book 4.’ – Kindle Customer

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