‘A Kilo of String’ – Reviews

Below are some of the comments I’ve received so far from critics and readers about A Kilo of String:


A Kilo of String has me howling with laughter at bedtime these days. Rob Johnson’s awesome sense of humour is evident throughout his work… I am so excited to have found this wonderful author… Rob’s delightful new release A Kilo of String is an unmissable memoir from Rob’s life in the Peloponnese in the past 13 years.’ – Effrosyni Moschoudi  (Author of The Lady of the Pier series and The Necklace of Goddess Athena)

‘A hilarious page turner about Greek life! It is perfect in all respects. It is both interesting throughout and laugh-out-loud funny while recording life in Greece, its problems and infamous quirkiness, with the kind of exceptional tact and fine precision that makes for excellent journalism… This is an enjoyable read that will take you by the hand and show you the unknown, quaint, quirky world the author and his wife have delved into, and you will live it with all your senses, as if you were there… Very descriptive writing from an author who can deliver a line and can make every chapter just as delightful as the previous one. This book will have you turning the pages hungrily while laughing like a drain. If you enjoy books on Greek life and especially if you are contemplating taking the same plunge as the author did to make a new start in life in your Greek paradise, then this fabulous memoir is a must!’ – Effrosyni Moschoudi  (Author of The Lady of the Pier series and The Necklace of Goddess Athena)

‘Rob Johnson has a natural wit that has woven a cat’s cradle of brilliant anecdotes. There are a lot of good memoirs about abandoning northern climes to carve out a life for oneself in a Mediterranean bolt-hole but this is one of the best of those. If I had kept a sixth star back then this memoir would certainly deserve it… I rarely laugh out loud when I read, but here I did so frequently and for this reason and the skilful writing I can definitely recommend this book even to those who have never wandered through an olive grove or moved away from the tourist conurbations. For those who are about to take that big step into the ex-pat life this book with many handy hints about dealing with bureaucracy, Greek customs and language it really is a must-read.’ – Suzi Stembridge (Author of the Greek Letters and Jigsaw series of books)

Readers' Favorite 5-star review badge‘Welcome to Greece! A Kilo of String by Rob Johnson takes readers on an entertaining trip to Greece with the author and his wife, Penny, and their experiences while living there. The author’s entertaining stories, interesting anecdotes, and humor make this book an excellent read for everyone; especially those who are keen to travel and learn more about other countries. The book captures the sights and sounds of Greece, the way of life, the culture, and customs in detail, giving readers a feeling that they are already there in the country. The genuineness of the book and the author’s perception of the country make this an engaging read.’ – Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

‘Witty and very funny. I really enjoyed this book. The author clearly has a love for the country and the people. I particularly love the way he portrays Greek life. After living in Greece myself, I can identify with the stories – both good and frustrating – yet in the end, it is the richness and the warmth of the country and its people that shines through. I look forward to reading more from this author. Highly recommended.’ – USA Today Bestselling author Kathryn Gauci

‘Rob Johnson’s witty dialogue engages all the senses. He has that rare talent for spinning a memorable yarn (in this case, a kilo of string) and leaving the audience clamoring for more.’ – Pamela Allegretto (Author of Bridge of Sighs and Dreams)

‘Highly entertaining biographical story of a husband and wife’s move from England to Greece, and their accompanying adventures… Parts of the book are laugh-out-loud funny… This is the second book I’ve read by Rob Johnson. I enjoy his writing a lot. I hope he keeps it up! I will keep reading. Highly recommended!’ – Clint Woodall (Author of Three Worlds (+1))

‘A few kilos of fun! I thought this was a very funny and informative memoir about choosing to live, and work, in Greece. Having lived there myself for four years during the crisis, I know how unpredictable and crazy life can be at times but I’d never have dared to become a reluctant olive farmer. I take my sun hat off to Rob and his wife for stepping out of their comfort zone and doing something amazing and writing a great book about it too.’ – Marjory McGinn (author of Things Can Only Get Feta and A Saint for the Summer)

‘A fun read! If you fancy a book packed with fun and feel-good factors, then this is the one for you. I was intrigued by the title, the book blurb too, and it delivered exactly what it promised… While the book is filled with comedy, it is far from one-dimensional. I found Rob Johnson’s observations about the Greek people’s innate kindness charming and loved learning about their traditions and many superstitions. His commentary on the country’s economic crisis is also fascinating. Rob’s self-effacing, tongue-in-cheek style is hugely engaging. Laced with humour, throughout, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.’ – Beth Haslam (Author of the Fat Dogs and French Estates series)

‘A Kilo of joy. A delightful memoir of author Rob Johnson and his wife Penny’s courageous (some might say crazy) move from the UK to Greece to run an olive farm. (It is also very educational for those of us who thought olives grew in jars or just magically appeared on martini glasses.)… From Belching Bertha, the first generator on the farm, to Greek merchants, Greek bureaucracy, and Greek television, the hilarious differences shine through as well as the Johnson’s love of the island of Greece… So join the Johnsons on their adventure. (As an added bonus, hear Penny’s mum pronounce the Greek word “thespinés”.) Highly recommended book. You won’t be disappointed!’ – Lance Carney (Author of the Daniel O’Dwyer Oak Island series)

‘Interesting and highly humorous. Review guidelines always asks us to write what we like or dislike about the books we’ve read and I’m happy to say I liked everything about this book… If you want to know about what it’s like to live with Greek people and how to settle in and get used to the way things are done there, it’s full of fascinating, funny and useful information. I laughed my socks off at many of Rob Johnson’s stories about his encounters. He is both self-deprecating and honest; he’s also candid about aspects of Greek life and Greek bureaucracy that don’t make sense to him, but his affection for his adopted country is clear throughout… I thoroughly enjoyed the book from beginning to end and the author’s humour really tickled my funny bone… It’s a great book and well worth reading for its insights into this nation of friendly people.’ – Val Poore (Author of the African Ways series)

‘Rob Johnson’s experiences as a vegetarian, philosophising, linguistically challenged author make for interesting and often very amusing reading. I found myself quoting long chunks to husband to share the laughs – how refreshing to read a funny, thoughtful book – definitely a keeper! Thanks!’ – Fran Macilvey Author of Trapped: My Life with Cerebral Palsy)


‘A kilo of gold. One of the best books I have ever read. Rob Johnson is an absolute master of humour and empathy. This is the book I would take on my desert island.’ – Carole Scott

‘Hilarious! It has got to be the most hilarious book I have read to date! Embarrassing to read in public as without warning sometimes the “one liners” came and made me almost choke on my coffee as I laughed out loud. I got some odd looks I can tell you. Highly recommended if this is the type of thing you like to read and even funnier if you know and understand the Greek way of life! I am certainly interested in reading the novels by this author.’  – Bookworm

‘If you want to read something that will make you cry from laughing I highly recommend this book!!! It has sooooo many funny stories about Greek way of life in the eyes of an English guy… Enjoy it!!!’ – Alexandros Ioannou

‘I’m only a quarter of the way in but Rob Johnson’s new book is hilarious.’ – Rory Cooper

‘An alternate, and funnier, how to guide… There’s a heap of local colour… A really enjoyable read.’ – K. Nixon

‘Rob Johnson writes funny novels and shifts genres with ease. He has done it again with this autobiographical account of life as a British resident in Greece… This warm account of their experiences is both insightful and funny. Whether you are planning an exotic holiday this year or settling for a staycation, this is one to pack with the sun cream and the shorts.’ – EricB

‘Hilarious and informative While Rob’s book is hilariously funny just like his previous three novels, it also gives a great overview of the trials and tribulations of an ex-pat couple living abroad. I enjoyed it immensely, and you probably will too.’ – madpinkdog

‘Highly recommended memoir about life in Greece!  If you’ve ever wondered what it is like being a Greek living in Greece nowadays, then A Kilo of String will be the perfect book for you… Though written quite tongue-in-cheek, it gives an excellent insight to the ways and workings of Greece and the Greeks, and their interactions with each other and with foreigners. The humour, mostly directed at the author himself, is levelled in a way so as not to be at the expense of the Greeks, which is a refreshing change for this kind of book… A Kilo of String is an extremely accurate, honest and light-hearted outsider’s viewpoint that has been captured beautifully. Highly recommended.’ – Andrew Sutton

‘A really great read of an ex-pat’s discovery of Greece. I really enjoyed reading about Rob and Penny’s journey of moving to Greece. The writing is excellent and really brings to life the lovely eccentricities of the Greek people. I am very envious and would move there in a heartbeat.’ – Maxine Allmark

‘Very insightful look at the quirks of Greek life with many amusing highlights, perfect for a vacation read or for anyone planning a move to Greece.’ – Amazon Customer

‘I found the book a very informative and interesting read. Also I enjoyed the author’s wit. Some books I take weeks to read, A Kilo of String I read in five consecutive evenings.’  – Robert Stephen Varndell

‘Loved the book and love Rob’s sense of humour. Being Greek myself, I could relate to everything he mentions about village life. He has the ability to draw you into his village, engage with the locals and walk away feeling you actually live there. Although he is classed as an ex-pat, I feel he has earned his stripes to be a fully fledged Greek! I raise a glass to you Rob, Yammas!’ – Frem

‘Simply hilarious. A thoroughly enjoyable read. I have read Rob Johnson’s previous books and enjoyed the madcap humour, fast paced plots and intertwining storylines… This new book is full of hilarious anecdotes and accounts of the crazy situations that the “Brits abroad” find themselves in. Johnson details perfectly the idiosyncrasies of rural Greek life and the cultural differences which attracted them to the country… The book is full of funny stories together with the writer’s musings and meandering observations about life in general. It made me chuckle out loud. All in all a cracking, good fun read.’ – Patrick

‘Says quite a lot about the essence of Greece, and its people. Well written and, to me, a fine snapshot of life in Greece… Can easily relate to the observations made by the author in regard to the friendly and helpful nature of the people… Off to search for more of the authors work.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Entertaining and enjoyable read… Great book for people considering upsticks to Greece and for tourists to want to remember their holiday encounters.’ – Brenda

‘Excellent book, very funny and true to Greek life.’ – Karen Perkins (via website mail)

‘There were too many laugh out loud moments for both of us and indeed having read your book first myself there were several occasions when I had to ask my wife which bit she was reading when she laughed out loud. Your portrayal of both characters and incidents which both you and Penny came across were at times achingly funny. We look forward to reading more of your adventures.’ – Peter and Lynne Brooker (via website mail)

‘So funny with some laugh out loud moments!’ – Lisa Richards (FB Group ‘A Good Greek Read’)

‘Brilliant!’ – Joanne Logan (FB Group ‘A Good Greek Read’)

‘Much enjoyed reading it last weekend and it took the edge off the 43 degrees heatwave.’ – Venice Baron (FB Group ‘A Good Greek Read’)

‘Loving it.’ – Amanda Armstrong (FB Group ‘A Good Greek Read’)

‘The funniest book ever written about life in Greece!!!’ – Alexandros Ioannou (FB Group ‘Foreigners Living in Greece’)

‘Your books are a scream. Loved them.’ – Gaynor J Naylor (direct message)

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this book… I chuckled all through it and as somebody who visits Greece all of the time (when holidays permit) I can identify with so much of the hilarity and events taking place. Written by somebody who clearly sees the humour of being an expat in Greece but also written with great insight into how one must immerse themselves into the Greek way of life to become fully accepted. I hope Rob continues to write such fantastic books as this, highly recommended for everybody to enjoy.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Very amusing. Great book.’ – Mrs B L Phipps

‘Much of the observations in this book had me smiling and on occasion giggling… Insightful commentary on the troubles Greece is suffering as a result of the austerity measures. All in all a really good read.’ – Constance Young

‘I have just been introduced to your writing via A Kilo of String and I can’t put the book down… I have a good many Greek friends and family so your stories are ringing so very true to me and I can relate to so many of them. So I just wanted to say thank you for writing this very amusing book… Looking forward to reading more of your books.’ – Liz Challis (via direct message)

‘Picture yourself in a bar with a large Mythos (or London Pride) on the beach in the sun chatting to Rob himself….. that is how this book comes across, it really feels like you are having a good chat. Rob’s anecdotes are hilarious and ring so true with me as I have been visiting Greece for 27 years so I can relate to all the funny stories. At one point I was reading it on the bus and found myself giggling away and nodding furiously repeating “yes yes that’s so true”… a couple of times. The only thing which annoys me is that I have nearly finished it heeheee… Please Rob, will you write a follow up in a year or two.’ – Creteliz

‘Very amusing book. Captures Greeks beautifully.’ – Brenda Green

‘Rob’s writing style and spot on observations shine through!’ – Rick Lawrence (comment on website)

‘I would heartily recommend this to anyone who is in need of a good guffaw, whether intending to relocate to a Greek idyll or just going there for a relaxing, cultural experience… Hand on heart, it was akin to meeting old friends and recounting familiar stories in an atmosphere of honest, genuine conviviality. There is a certain knack to storytelling and this latest book is a prime example of how to convey reality to an audience with humour. Well done once again Rob on giving me pearls of unadulterated enjoyment and I would have no hesitation in commending A Kilo of String to all.’ – Rod

‘A great read!! I really enjoyed his spot-on insight into the Greek psyche… As always his books are full of humour and very well written. MORE PLEASE!’ – Rick Lawrence

‘Greece at its best. Hospitable, funny, kind and a great holiday read… Rob has captured the many wonderful aspects of Greece that keep people coming back for more…
This is a great holiday read as it’s laugh out loud and very descriptive of the people and the scenery. Don’t let this one pass you by… I will read this one again maybe next season just for fun. Thank goodness people write for our enjoyment.’  – Maggiej10

‘The narrative flows wonderfully and is packed full of humorous tales.’ – RGW

‘This book is a wonderful introduction to the way of life and the people… You have made me laugh till tears rolled down my face. It has brought back memories of olive groves, lemons, cicadas, and sunshine. Please keep writing.’ – Margaret B.

‘Brilliant read. Really funny read. Could not put it down… An insight into the quaint and quirky life that living in Greece brings.’ – Suzy Osborne

‘Hilarious. Well worth reading. A brilliant book, very funny and a great insight into Greece and its people written by someone who has been living there for a number of years. Highly recommended.’ – Ray Leather

‘I very much enjoyed your story of moving to Greece and your humour. It made me laugh out loud.’ – Carol Grace (via email)

‘Good read. Can understand why they moved to a new life.’ – John Wills

‘I loved Rob’s story about his preparation for moving to Greece and perceptions of the culture. It was very humorous and down to earth.’ – Carol

‘I love this book! It’s blooming hilarious and astonishingly accurate on the subject of life in beautiful Greece!’ – Waggy

‘Five stars. Very funny.’ – Lynn Flanagan

‘I read the book in one sitting. I loved the humour and the genuine feeling of love of the people and the country.’ – Joe Naylor

‘Great fun! Made me laugh! So typically Greek!’ – Wendy von Bergen

‘Time well spent… I’ve endured a few books which upon reflection were probably not worth the time invested. This is not one of them!’ – ulysses4

‘Heartwarming and at times bellyachingly funny. A very well written and entertaining account of living in Greece.’ – Mrs Carolyn Fox Jones

‘Thoroughly enjoyed the book. A wonderful read that encapsulates the idiosyncrasies of the Greek way of life perfectly. Like other reviewers I frequently found myself chuckling out loud, which is why my husband is now reading and loving it… The author describes the locals in an affectionate and unpatronising way, a pleasant change from all the anti-Greek sentiment emanating from much of Europe.’ – Henny

‘This is a real laugh-out-loud book, particularly if you have enjoyed a Greek holiday. Even if you haven’t, you will still find it very amusing when he gives you the Greek impressions of some of our equally strange English customs, such as our fixation with the weather… I enjoyed reading this so much that I was sorry to come to the end and would highly recommend that you read it too.’ – Mrs A Eardley

‘I never intended to visit Greece… but now I will! I was completely enchanted by the easygoing, humorous narrative that cantered gently along involving me like few other books of this genre had before… a wonderful, informative and extremely amusing adventure… I’m so glad to add Rob Johnson to my list of favourite authors, and I love his ability to switch styles effortlessly, from the narrative reality of life in an olive grove to the cleverly constructed thriller/mystery/comedy of the Lifting the Lid and Heads You Lose series, to the madcap, hilarious “laugh out loud” romp that is Quest for the Holey Snail. Trust me, there is a need for fun in our lives, and Rob provides this!’ – corsario

‘Thank you for bringing some much needed laughter into my life! I read A Kilo of String, and swiftly followed this with the other 3 books… I love your humour and the sheer unbridled fun elements in your work, and I will eagerly await your next opus!’ – Colin Ritchie (via email)

‘Very good and very funny.’ – Hilary Pardo

‘Great book about moving to Greece from the UK! Rob Johnson writes well and has a wonderful sense of humor!’ – Amazon Customer

‘Relaxing reading. A fun easy read.’ -Barrie B

‘What a great book. Whether you’re looking for entertainment, some insight into modern life in Greece or just a good read, this ticks all the boxes. Rob Johnson has a lovely sense of humour and an engaging way of telling stories, but this book also has a cutting edge with its observations on how tough life is for Greeks today… It’s also very funny… A terrific read. Thoroughly recommended.’ P S Newman

‘Fabulously funny – a real must for lovers of all things Greek.’ – Mrs D J Ward

‘I just love Rob Johnson’s descriptive prowess. A little reminiscent of Tom Sharpe at his best… The picture painted of the idiosyncrasies of an expat’s life in Greece is gloriously funny. A truly lovely book.’ – Storkandshilling

‘Wonderful… Having visited Greece over 50 times, I really loved this book.’ – Intipuss

‘I enjoyed reading ‘A Kilo of String’ very much! You’re so brilliant, Rob! I’ve bought a copy for a friend, too and I will buy more for others.’ -Yanna Giannia (comment on website)

‘Really enjoyed this book. Lots of belly laughs. A good read.’ – R Newcombe

‘Funny, insightful, like the best dish of souvlaki ever. Wonderfully funny – laugh till you cry – but also sharp and insightful about the Greek people and their amazing yet sometimes maddening approach to life. Anyone who loves or visits Greece should read this book.’ – G Stewart

‘This is a wonderful memoir… If you want to laugh yourself silly and also gain some knowledge about the Greeks, then I think you’ll find this book to be refreshing. Just the part where the author describes house hunting and giving the term run down a new meaning left me laughing so hard I would have spat out my dentures, if I wore them.’ – Patti Wilson

‘A lovely read. Having lived in Greece myself for the past 11 years I can relate so much to this book. Very enjoyable.’ – Steve

‘A fun and delicious read. 5 stars!’ – Alexandra Borregaard [Comment on Facebook]

‘A very well written and informative book on the pros and cons of upping sticks and relocating in Greece… Thank you Rob for writing this book bringing back many treasured memories.’ – Rita Hollway

‘I enjoyed the book, which was give to me as a birthday present three days ago, enormously… Reading  your book was a joy!’ – Gordon Gilmore (via email)

‘Excellent read – rural Greece as it is . ‘A Kilo of String’ was a birthday present and was a delight to read. As someone who has been visiting Greece for many years and now lives there for most of the year I recognize all the trials and tribulations and all the heart-warming experiences that Rob describes.’ – GordonG

‘Don’t read while partner sleeps because you’ll wake them with your snorts of suppressed laughter! … Good stories about life in Greece.’ – Robin Jensen

‘I moved to Greece a couple of years ago, so I can relate to much of what he says, especially the Greek kindness and generosity… Rob’s book makes a hilarious read. Go on, spend the small sum he’s asking. You won’t regret it and who knows, you might even decide to move to Greece after reading it. Or not.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Loved it. A lovely, gentle, easy to read account of a life I wish I had had the courage to do many years ago. Instead I read the accounts of others, and this one was fun!’ – lin

‘Well written and funny. Made me chuckle all the way through. A well written unsentimental view of life as expats. Lots of real insight into life as it is as a reluctant olive farmer.’ – W.E.Simpson

‘Loved it! I would love to read more of your adventures in and local stories of Greece… I just finished A Kilo of String. Great fun! I really enjoyed the humour and insights of your adventures in Greece. Thank you for your wonderful work.’ – Sue Stryker (comments on Facebook Writer page)

‘Brilliant book. From page one this book starts to tickle you. Great insight into a life abroad and makes me want to do the same. A must read for anyone who likes to smile while reading.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Really enjoyed this book. Funny and informative.’ – iwb

‘I loved this book! His description of life in Greece takes me back to my favourite places and I get a warm feeling reading them. I shall definitely listen to his podcasts and wallow in nostalgia! Highly recommended.’ – Eileen

‘Lots of funny truths. Having been to Greece many times I could relate to most of the antics of such lovely kind people. A really good read.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Laugh out loud hilarious memoir. This is the funniest book I’ve read in a while. I literally laughed out loud many times… Not “just another expat book” this is a well written and funny book, and I recommend it to anyone, whether you’re interested in moving to Greece, or just enjoy a really good read.’ – fabulouschrissie

‘A well-written, funny and informative account of life in present day Greece. A real treat for travelers in this wonderful, complicated and resilient culture.’ – William C. Hall

‘The best book of the genre of “gone abroad to work and integrate with the local community” that I have read. The humour is witty and there is no attempt to ridicule values or habits of anyone.’ – SandyD

‘Buy it! I found it fascinating, informative, and funny. It certainly explained a few things I’ve noticed on my travels. Unfortunately my reading had to be interrupted as my laughter was disturbing my wife’s sleep, two rooms away, so I had to wait to finish it this morning.’ – Peter T.

‘Enjoyable and insightful read about Greece. I enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone looking for a light happy outlook on life.’ – Peter Jeffrey

‘Five stars. Great book.’ – Derek Jones

‘Five stars. Good light hearted book – enjoyed it.’ – Stephen Gipson

‘I love this book, and if you love Greece and its people you will too. It’s a laugh out loud read that I found hard to put down! Will be buying copies as gifts.’ – Lynn Culver

‘A great advertisement for Greece and gives an idea of the intrigues and customs in another country. Really enjoyed it. Want to go there now.’ – Mog

‘So funny, so true! I found Rob’s book a delight to read. I could relate to so much of what he has to say, and found myself reading out bits to my husband and laughing out loud on almost every other page! I enjoyed it so much that I bought my husband a paperback copy.’ – Kindle Customer

‘A lovely book full of funny and interesting quotes of a life lived in Greece – made me want to go back there again just to enjoy life in the sun.’ – JoJo on Goodreads

‘Screamingly funny! It’s been a long time since I read a book that had so many laugh out loud moments. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Underlying the humour are serious subjects well expounded like the EU, the Greek economy and Brexit. A fabulous read for anyone who understands what it is to have a British sense of sensibility and background. Not since the days of first reading Gerald Durrell and James Herriot have I laughed so much while reading a book.’ – M A Simpson

‘I have now read all of Rob’s books and ALL of them have made me laugh out loud!… A really well written, good read that I would recommend to anyone. Looking forward to his next book.’ – JayneM

‘Really enjoyed this book. Well written, very informative about Greece and its people, and laugh out loud funny. Well worth reading.’ – Jo

‘Hilarious. Stuck in Manchester airport for 7 hrs on my own and started reading this. Sat there giggling to myself for most of this book. As a frequent visitor to Greece, totally get it! Written like you’re sitting in a taverna listening to it all instead of reading it. Loved it!’ – Chris C

‘Brilliant comedy of errors’. – Kindle Customer

‘A good read and very funny.’ – Ian Page

‘Loved it! So many amusing and brilliantly detailed chapters that I just couldn’t put it down. It’s honest, intimate, educational, fun and a bit of an eye opener as to how ‘unique’ the Greeks can be and I’d recommend it to anyone!’ – Rob Green

‘Very enjoyable memoir… Enjoy this delightful book.’ – Kindle Customer

‘A good entertaining read. Gives interesting insight into some aspects of moving to rural southern Greece.’ – Justinski

‘Great holiday read – couldn’t put it down. As we were in Greece on the islands everything he wrote totally fitted the locals surrounding us, even they laughed about it – great stuff.’ – David Binnington

‘Really enjoyable read about two Brits moving to Greece, and all the dramas and fun that entailed. Well written and easy to read, it’s well worth the read and I’ll be looking for the hopefully next instalment. One of my favourites in the genre.’ – Amazon Customer

‘I laughed out loud several times! It was a very fun book to read and it was interesting to learn about moving to Greece.’ – Janine

‘Great fun read! Rob can turn the most ordinary event into a hilarious romp with his turn of phrase. Many belly laughs make this delightful tale a terrific adjunct to a good health routine.’ – fixitmama

‘Just finished reading a Kilo of String, and found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable book. It was very well written, and the author has a fabulous sense of humour that kept me chuckling throughout the book. Would definitely recommend.’ – Cath S.

‘Very funny description of English expats’ adventures in Greece. Thoroughly enjoyed it, few books make me laugh out loud but this one did. Also provides insight into the Greek mentality and current situation in Greece. Excellent read if you’re spending your holidays in Greece but also if you simply need a good laugh.’ – BU

‘Excellent… These tales are related with gentle humour and tick all the boxes for me. Just a few pages and I am transported to the land of retsina, mythos, gyros and crepes. Yamas!’ – stillarobin

‘I closely identify with Rob Johnson’s jovial, humorous, account of the vagaries of adapting to life in rural Greece. However, behind the many side-splitting anecdotes that ring so true, there lies the truly heartbreaking struggle of the Greek people to survive yet another crisis in their history. That they manage to do this with dignity and humour also shines through in Rob’s very very funny book.’ – Simon Stembridge on Goodreads

‘Brilliant and funny. I loved the way it was written, almost conversational. If I ever hear of a friend contemplating moving to Greece I shall tell them this is compulsory reading. Rob Johnson tells it in a very humorous and honest way and clearly shows his love for this country despite, and possibly even because of, its oddities.’ – Jonty

‘Made me chuckle a lot!’ – Tigger!

‘Very informative and laugh out loud funny! Having been to Greece many times Rob captures the very essence of the Greek people and their way of life… Rob draws the reader into his often crazy life and hilarious antics. Later in the book he gives us an insight into the bureaucratic, political and vagaries of the country he now calls home. I loved the chapter on the misunderstanding of words in Greek and the hilarious consequences.’ – Liz Wiffen

‘Hilariously entertaining and educational… As well as educating me in the Greek language, lifestyle, farming olives and many things Greek, what I loved about this book was the entertainment. I had a fixed grin on my face from the first to the last page, with several chuckles, snorts and guffaws as I was reading it. It is quite simply hilarious and the author writes brilliantly with an excellent dead pan sense of humor as well as a truly warped imagination which makes A Kilo of String a delightful book to read.
I really hope there is a sequel as it ended far too soon and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to escape from the daily grind and howl with laughter for a few hours.’ – Lindsay de Feliz

‘A rollicking fun memoir. A Kilo of String is going straight into my top list of fun and informative travel/expat memoirs… I can only hope the author has more in store for us in the near future.’ – Laurie

‘A Good Glimpse of Greek Life. The author has a nice sense of humor, a good way with words, and doesn’t make the irritating mistake of patronizing the natives in his adopted country. A good read.’ – Jan Butterfield

‘Thoroughly enjoyable account. This might be my favorite of several good books I’ve read lately on people moving to Greece. The author has a great sense of humor… He tells entertaining stories of their experiences, he is interested in Greeks and has respect and empathy for them (and especially in the terrible times of austerity). His podcast is a blast too; and I unreservedly recommend this somewhat offbeat book.’ – Spring Texan

‘Entertaining. Very good book, with some nice incidental advice.’ – Kathlene Pettycrew

‘This was great fun. This was a refreshing fun read that covers a lot of ground. The trials and traumas he details of starting a new life in a very different culture were a reminder that people do have different priorities.’ – S. Hammond

‘Loved it! I have always wanted to go to Greece and this book seems to tell me that it would go beyond amusing. There are numerous laugh out moments and most of them appear to be actual!’ – Carr family

‘A hilarious story about the trials and tribulations of an ex-pat in Greece trying to establish home ownership and actually succeeding. The author has captured the flavor and the richness of the country and its people.’ – Nemeseos

‘I found this book to be most informative and quite amusing as well. I’m intrigued by Greece and have a desire to visit. This book sort of have a hint of some things to expect. Good read!’ – William J. Gimbel III

‘Enjoyable and entertaining.’ – Barbara A

‘A humorous set of anecdotes, memories and happenings from a British couple who decide to move to Greece… The humour, the side notes to “the editor” and the choice of language makes this a very entertaining read.’ – bookworm (Goodreads)

‘Moving abroad? Read this first as very true… An easy read with comic moments . Reminded me of our son moving to France. So many similarities all very true. Good read.’ – happy lady

‘Lovely stories of Greece. Loved this book. Great writing and humour. Made a change to the usual living abroad books. We live in Crete and it was so accurate of the people, politics and customs. Love Greece and love this book.’ – Mrs J M Whittaker

‘Happy reading… I laughed till l cried in parts of this story.’ – Sylvia W. Norton

‘This is an excellent read on Greece and a couple’s journey there and their first 13 years. From travelling to finding a home and just living the life… A very funny look at a great challenge. Well done and the very best of luck for the future.’ – MCA

‘Great read! Solid, humorous book about ex-pat life… Entertaining and informative. In fact I’ve added an unrelated book by the author to my Kindle wish list!’ – vpauls

‘Thoroughly enjoyable. Lots of first-hand information about the problems of life in Greece but written in a most engaging way. Lots of good humour – ridiculous inventions, inflatable dartboards and helicopter ejector seats.’ – Francis Broun

‘Lovely book! Really enjoyed this book full of stories of their life in Greece. They kept their sense of humour! Only having been to Greece once, many years ago I can still remember the lovely friendly people. A happy book.’ – Mrs J A Collins

‘Loved the book. Very enjoyable reading.’ – dennis

‘I found the book to be both fun and informative. Greece sounds like an incredible place full of warm, friendly people. Rob does a great job of introducing us to some great characters and treats us to many amusing interactions with his fellow Greek countrymen. I am a big Bill Bryson fan and A Kilo Of String reminded me of Bill’s travel books.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Funny and enjoyable read. Given 5 stars for this book as thoroughly enjoyed reading it and hoping there’s more to follow! I laughed out loud a LOT! I bought this book as I really enjoyed reading Chris Stewart’s books and wanted another enjoyable real life story of living abroad to read.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Informative and humorous. I must admit that I really enjoy books by people who have moved to different countries, or traveled there extensively… This one was really fun to read!… I like the fact that he really seems to like Greece and have a real fondness for the people. If you didn’t understand anything about the financial crisis there, you will learn a bit about the reasons they are in such difficulty.’ – P K Sykes

‘A fun read. Lots of insight into life in Greece – without the spin that media reports insist on adding. Very enjoyable read.’ – chez

‘I truly enjoyed reading this book. If you ever thought of moving to Greece this book is a must. It had me laughing out loud at times and at others shaking my head to the difficulties he and his wife faced. He gave me insight to the customs and the problems of the Greek people. Well written and worth reading!’ – Jackie [Goodreads]

‘I loved this book! The stories and humour made it easy to read and I felt as though I had been invited to the olive groves, the “tacky” shop and had made friends with the community.’ – H Clarke

‘Really enjoyed this book and anecdotal style of writing. So clearly depicts Greek culture. Had me laughing out loud many times!’ – Betty A.

‘Hilarious. Excellent read, very funny and depicts Greek people exactly as they are: funny, friendly and warm hearted. I am about to do the same and retire to the small island of Agistri early 2020 and this taught me a few things I didn’t know and confirmed a few that that I already did.’ – Mr A. Harper

‘Funny and so true. It is an amusing story and I can identify with the experiences.’ – herbie

‘Nice reading. Very good.’ – Cyril Jones

‘A funny and enjoyable read. It’s an entertaining memoir about a couple and their journey to move to Greece and acclimate to their new home and culture.’ – lisa

‘Read while on holiday in Greece – you don’t need to be in Greece to read it but it just made me laugh even louder.’ – Penny Stanley (on Goodreads)

‘Funny experiences in Greece! As I love Greece & often wondered what it would be like to live there, I found this book really interesting & funny. Rob Johnson has a delightful way of expressing life in a foreign land.’ – Mrs Catherine Evans

‘This is a hilariously funny book! The author has a great way of expressing his Greek initiation in a hilarious way. The book is lol funny!’ – Chip Durst

‘Laugh out loud. I loved this book, laughing my way through the text, a thoroughly enjoyable read. I recommend this to those who like comedy in real life situations.’ – GD

‘Both funny & interesting… A good read and you often laugh along with his story telling. Each tale is well written and clearly highlights the pros and cons of Greek life and the joys and sorrows (OK mainly joys) that you encounter when visiting and spending time with the wonderful people of Greece. We long to return (always) but books like Rob’s keep us entertained and informed whilst we’re away and I recommend it highly.’ – Mr Richard C Hanson

‘Made me laugh. A good read and funny.’ – MelodyAdkins

‘So many books call themselves comedies or funny, and proceed to disappoint. This one, I’m delighted to say, didn’t – I giggled my way through. And Mr Johnson comes through as someone I’d love to chat over coffee or a good dinner with.’ – Dana B.

‘How to live in Greece… and survive. Rob Johnson has created an autobiography that will be truly appreciated by any expats living in Greece. With an overriding sense of humour and a determination not to be beaten by the Greek system; he gives inspiration to not only those that already live there, but to those that might be contemplating a possible fatal jump.’ – Kindle Customer

‘One of the most witty, entertaining books I have read in a long time.’ – Kathy (Goodreads)

‘Fantastically entertaining – great insight into a wonderful life in Greece. Hope to move ourselves one day. If you’re thinking of relocating to beautiful Greece definitely worth a read! Even if you’re not, hugely entertaining!’ – Amazon Customer

‘Hilarious! Funny take on a British couple moving to Greece and learning to deal with the language, the bureaucracy and eccentricity of the neighbors. Well worth the read!’ – EN

‘Very entertaining. This is the first of Rob Johnson’s books that I have read and I will make it a point to pick up another one… The funniest things, for me, were the language traps Rob fell into. Some of these anecdotes I found ‘laugh out loud’ funny. I really enjoyed Rob’s writing and the way he highlighted both the pros and cons of Greek life, whilst making clear his appreciation for the people and the culture (bureaucracy not so much). I found this to be a very entertaining book to read. It took me back to a couple of holidays spent in Greece and I always wanted to go back; even more so now.’ – Trekker Girl

‘Laugh out loud book. I found this an easy and enjoyable read. I laughed out loud on many occasions and really felt I was in Greece. I was sorry when it ended.’ – Kindle Customer

‘Nostalgic for your visit to Greece? Read this. Full of lovely stories that slightly take the sting out of missing Greece.’ – D. Campbell

‘Brilliantly funny anecdotes! … I do believe that A Kilo of String could go to the top of my favourite Greek Memoir list – certainly it’s one of the funniest ones. I just loved Rob Johnson’s sense of humour and thoroughly enjoyed reading his quirky anecdotes and musings about the eccentricities of Greek life. His love of life there and his fondness of the Greek people and culture are evident throughout. There were times I was laughing out loud. I had to put the book down for a few moments to compose myself! … This is an enjoyable and entertaining memoir which was a real tonic to read. Εκπληκτικός – wonderful. Highly recommended.’ – Rebecca H.

‘A funny and also interesting read. The author of A Kilo of String has brought his journalistic expertise to bear on writing an autobiographical story of his experiences of moving to and living in Greece. The result is a funny and informative read, with insights into Greece and the Greek way of life. I enjoyed reading it and would love another follow-on book to be produced. I will look out for one.’ – Cambridge Mike

‘A great read. If you ever wondered what it would be like if you were brave enough to up sticks and move to the sun, this is the book for you. Told with humour and honesty about the trials and tribulations of dealing with a different way of life.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Learning to love the Greek way. Anyone who likes to know about other places and enjoys a humorous reflection on the trials of living in a place where customs and cultural nuances are different will enjoy reading this. Rob Johnson goes to great lengths to describe his reaction and his perplexity to such differences… Rob Johnson describes his personal journey beautifully.’ – Josephine Beall

‘Lovely! I loved this book. I just hope there was a sequel!’ – Bandoneon

‘A barrel of laughs (or a few kilos perhaps). I found the various machinations of Rob’s move to Greece and his subsequent adventures there really funny. I don’t recall laughing out loud so much since I re-read some of the James Herriot series of books a few years back. Rob’s memoir also provides many interesting insights into the Greek psyche and Greek culture. His anecdotes seem to perfectly capture the quirkiness, warmth and generosity of the Greek people and their indomitable spirit in the face of economic hardship and political uncertainty… In addition to being very entertaining, this book was a voyage of discovery for me… I like Rob’s easy going narrative style and would definitely recommend this book if you have a sense of humour and find the cultural differences that exist between countries somewhat fascinating.’ – Led

‘Worth the listen and the read! My first experience of this book was an Audio version on my kindle… and felt as if Rob Johnson was in the room with me, telling his story… Found it fascinating to “hear” Rob Johnson’s voice as I read silently!… Rob Johnson is a good writer and made me feel as if I was there in Greece with him and his wife Penny and experiencing all the day to day conundrums with them. Some of his observations are really interesting and his dry sense of humour had me laughing out loud. I feel quite sad that it has come to an end. This is the first time I have read anything by this particular author but I am certainly going to try some of his other books.’ – Caroline

‘A very readable account of life in Greece. The memoir covers lots of aspects of living in Greece such as food and references (not over done!) to history. I was pleasantly reminded of island hopping in Greece during student days, as well as an extended stay on Crete and Rob captures the instinctive hospitality of the Greek people very clearly.’ – Alexander Madison

‘I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It really highlights how things have changed over the years. I cried with laughter over the story about the cats, having experienced similar cat stares myself!! It is nice to know that despite the hard graft that comes with harvesting the crop the result is a fine organic oil. Well done to you. I look forward to reading more of your work.’ – Yvette Robinson

‘Amusing and entertaining. This had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion, just what the doctor ordered. A very down to earth view of moving to Greece providing insights into the Greek culture, the people and the economic climate… The author has an easy way with words and loves his anecdotes, he seems to have one for most occasion. I love the washing machine one, very funny and bet it was fun to watch him hopping from the machine to turn the water on… All in all a very enjoyable book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, thank you Rob.’ – Lindylou

‘Well written funny book. Did not know author before but am reading more now. Enjoyable read.’ – Edward Mason

‘This book is so easy to read, very enjoyable from start to finish. I loved reading about all the foibles of living in Greece, a country I have holidayed in many time myself. The stupid rules, the strange ways of selling things and the overwhelming kindness of the Greek people. I recommend this book to any armchair travellers as funny, informative and entertaining.’ – Simon Michael Prior

‘A hilariously good read! A Kilo of String is a different sort of travel memoir. This is not the usual “buy a derelict house and renovate it” sort of memoir. This is a very funny account of Rob and Penny’s lives as reluctant olive growers in Greece. Extremely witty and well written, Rob’s sense of humour tickled me so much, I found myself laughing out loud frequently!… If you want to have a good laugh for a few hours pick this up, you will not regret it.’ – Mrs Susannah Korkis

‘Strange but true. Written with a comical view on the strange events that happen to be unbelievably true. There is no reason to the way some people’s minds work. Couldn’t put this book down. An uplifting look at life.’ – Anne Roscoe

‘Hilarious! What can I say? Made me laugh out loud. Brilliantly written.’ – jk

‘Brilliant from start to finish. I could not put this book down.’ – Amazon Customer

‘In a busy genre, Rob Johnson’s A Kilo of String stands out…  He has a lovely comic touch with his tales that had me laughing out loud and occasionally gasping in recognition. Rob also tackles the difficult subjects of the economic crisis, Greek politics and corruption with a sensitivity and the careful thought of someone who cares for his adopted country… I now look forward to reading Rob’s fiction books, set in Greece, a wonderful country.’ – Lisa

‘A book that is both funny and interesting. A couple from England and how they try to fit in and do in Greece.’ – Liede-Marie Haitsma

‘Loved the writing style. Humorous and informative regarding culture shock.’ – Sarah J. (on Goodreads)

‘Rob’s sometimes off-beat views on life in general had me chuckling out loud. This is a funny and entertaining book full of tales about a new way of life for Rob and Penny, who decided to make Greece their new home. Rob Johnson’s love for all things Greek, even the annoying things, shines through the pages… Read it. You won’t be disappointed.’ – Ogri

‘Humorous look at moving to and living in Greece. Rob has a nice sense of humor which makes the read enjoyable… I’d read another of this author’s books.’ – J. A. Lewis on Goodreads

‘Loved it. Rob has a sense of humor that makes this memoir even more enjoyable. I would highly recommend this to all armchair travellers.’ – Don Anderson

‘A good-natured read about the joys and challenges of moving to a new country. Rob’s writing is so relatable and good-humoured, and gives a lovely personal touch to his stories of moving to Greece and making it his home. Highly recommended!’ – Sally Jane Smith (on Goodreads)

‘Insightful, incisive, and constantly amusing. That author Rob Johnson lived in Greece with his wife for at least a decade before writing his memoir, “A Kilo of String”, is greatly to his credit and much to the advantage of his readers. His sardonic observations on Greece, his Greek neighbours and friends, and his and his wife’s activities and adventures are all the more insightful and satisfying to the reader. Rob Johnson is unusually adept at the kind satirical social commentary that will appeal to those who enjoy smiling – and occasionally laughing – at the absurdities of not only a foreign culture but also at their own.’ – Ronald Mackay

‘This is one of the funniest books I have ever read. Laugh out loud? I had tears rolling down my cheeks at several points. I love memoirs about moving abroad, and Rob and Penny don’t take the easy route. Greek is not the easiest language to learn, and who would’ve guessed you buy string by the kilo? Lovely descriptive book which I thoroughly enjoyed.’ – Chris (on Goodreads)

‘Great read. I really enjoyed this book. I found it both informative and funny. Brits really can be hilarious, even though I don’t understand many of their expressions.’ – Bruce Forrester [Canada] (on Goodreads)

‘Happy to have stumbled upon this book. It gave information in a way I was excited to read. It was witty, unexpectedly informative and funny. Would recommend.’ – Kindle Customer

‘Rob Johnson’s witty repartee had me laughing out loud on many occasions. His turn of phrase is a delight. His tales of relocation to Greece conveys how moving abroad is a very hard slog and one of total adjustment. He conveys the message that if you really want a new life you must be open to it and in order to integrate you must learn the language. If you want to relocate and ‘go local’ rather than live in a swanky villa by the sea, then this is the book for you.’ –  Luisa Davis (on Goodreads)

Click here for details and where to buy A Kilo of String.

Click here to read the opening chapters.

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