‘A Kilo of String’ – Reviews

Below are some of the comments I’ve received so far from critics and readers about A Kilo of String:


A Kilo of String has me howling with laughter at bedtime these days. Rob Johnson’s awesome sense of humour is evident throughout his work… I am so excited to have found this wonderful author… Rob’s delightful new release A Kilo of String is an unmissable memoir from Rob’s life in the Peloponnese in the past 13 years.’ – Effrosyni Moschoudi  (Author of The Lady of the Pier series and The Necklace of Goddess Athena)


‘Hilarious! It has got to be the most hilarious book I have read to date! Embarrassing to read in public as without warning sometimes the “one liners” came and made me almost choke on my coffee as I laughed out loud. I got some odd looks I can tell you. Highly recommended if this is the type of thing you like to read and even funnier if you know and understand the Greek way of life! I am certainly interested in reading the novels by this author.’  – Bookworm

‘If you want to read something that will make you cry from laughing I highly recommend this book!!! It has sooooo many funny stories about Greek way of life in the eyes of an English guy… Enjoy it!!!’ – Alexandros Ioannou

‘I’m only a quarter of the way in but Rob Johnson’s new book is hilarious.’ – Rory Cooper

‘An alternate, and funnier, how to guide… There’s a heap of local colour… A really enjoyable read.’ – K. Nixon

‘Rob Johnson writes funny novels and shifts genres with ease. He has done it again with this autobiographical account of life as a British resident in Greece… This warm account of their experiences is both insightful and funny. Whether you are planning an exotic holiday this year or settling for a staycation, this is one to pack with the sun cream and the shorts.’ – EricB

‘Hilarious and informative While Rob’s book is hilariously funny just like his previous three novels, it also gives a great overview of the trials and tribulations of an ex-pat couple living abroad. I enjoyed it immensely, and you probably will too.’ – madpinkdog

‘Highly recommended memoir about life in Greece!  If you’ve ever wondered what it is like being a Greek living in Greece nowadays, then A Kilo of String will be the perfect book for you… Though written quite tongue-in-cheek, it gives an excellent insight to the ways and workings of Greece and the Greeks, and their interactions with each other and with foreigners. The humour, mostly directed at the author himself, is levelled in a way so as not to be at the expense of the Greeks, which is a refreshing change for this kind of book… A Kilo of String is an extremely accurate, honest and light-hearted outsider’s viewpoint that has been captured beautifully. Highly recommended.’ – Andrew Sutton

‘A really great read of an ex-pat’s discovery of Greece. I really enjoyed reading about Rob and Penny’s journey of moving to Greece. The writing is excellent and really brings to life the lovely eccentricities of the Greek people. I am very envious and would move there in a heartbeat.’ – Maxine Allmark

‘Very insightful look at the quirks of Greek life with many amusing highlights, perfect for a vacation read or for anyone planning a move to Greece.’ – Amazon Customer

‘I found the book a very informative and interesting read. Also I enjoyed the author’s wit. Some books I take weeks to read, A Kilo of String I read in five consecutive evenings.’  – Robert Stephen Varndell

‘Loved the book and love Rob’s sense of humour. Being Greek myself, I could relate to everything he mentions about village life. He has the ability to draw you into his village, engage with the locals and walk away feeling you actually live there. Although he is classed as an ex-pat, I feel he has earned his stripes to be a fully fledged Greek! I raise a glass to you Rob, Yammas!’ – Frem

‘Simply hilarious. A thoroughly enjoyable read. I have read Rob Johnson’s previous books and enjoyed the madcap humour, fast paced plots and intertwining storylines… This new book is full of hilarious anecdotes and accounts of the crazy situations that the “Brits abroad” find themselves in. Johnson details perfectly the idiosyncrasies of rural Greek life and the cultural differences which attracted them to the country… The book is full of funny stories together with the writer’s musings and meandering observations about life in general. It made me chuckle out loud. All in all a cracking, good fun read.’ – Patrick

‘Says quite a lot about the essence of Greece, and its people. Well written and, to me, a fine snapshot of life in Greece… Can easily relate to the observations made by the author in regard to the friendly and helpful nature of the people… Off to search for more of the authors work.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Entertaining and enjoyable read… Great book for people considering upsticks to Greece and for tourists to want to remember their holiday encounters.’ – Brenda

‘Excellent book, very funny and true to Greek life.’ – Karen Perkins (via website mail)

‘There were too many laugh out loud moments for both of us and indeed having read your book first myself there were several occasions when I had to ask my wife which bit she was reading when she laughed out loud. Your portrayal of both characters and incidents which both you and Penny came across were at times achingly funny. We look forward to reading more of your adventures.’ – Peter and Lynne Brooker (via website mail)

‘So funny with some laugh out loud moments!’ – Lisa Richards (FB Group ‘A Good Greek Read’)

‘Brilliant!’ – Joanne Logan (FB Group ‘A Good Greek Read’)

‘Much enjoyed reading it last weekend and it took the edge off the 43 degrees heatwave.’ – Venice Baron (FB Group ‘A Good Greek Read’)

‘Loving it.’ – Amanda Armstrong (FB Group ‘A Good Greek Read’)

‘The funniest book ever written about life in Greece!!!’ – Alexandros Ioannou (FB Group ‘Foreigners Living in Greece’)

‘Your books are a scream. Loved them.’ – Gaynor J Naylor (personal message)

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this book… I chuckled all through it and as somebody who visits Greece all of the time (when holidays permit) I can identify with so much of the hilarity and events taking place. Written by somebody who clearly sees the humour of being an expat in Greece but also written with great insight into how one must immerse themselves into the Greek way of life to become fully accepted. I hope Rob continues to write such fantastic books as this, highly recommended for everybody to enjoy.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Very amusing. Great book.’ – Mrs B L Phipps

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