‘Heads You Lose’ – Reviews

Below are some of the comments I’ve received so far from critics and readers about my comedy thriller Heads You Lose (Book 2 in the Lifting the Lid series):


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‘Johnson excels at setting up multiple story arcs and inter-weaving them in increasingly intriguing and amusing ways… This is a highly entertaining, well-constructed screwball comedy that is as enjoyable as it is well written.’ – Keith Nixon for Big Al’s Books and Pals

‘Johnson has delivered another masterfully planned and executed novel…The story is so enjoyable that it’s easy to get lost in it and not appreciate the magic that he weaves so skilfully… It tickled my funny bone in all the right places.’ – Joanne Armstrong for Ingrid Hall Reviews

Heads You Lose is a funny book, and well worth the read.The reader is plunged head-on into a comic romp in which even the violent encounters and bloody, beheaded corpses are milked for laughs.’ – Awesome Indies

‘A very funny story, and gruesome if you let it get to you, is skilfully woven by a clever writer! … That this story works well is entirely due to the author’s ability to delve into the mind of the criminal classes, whether they are hardened or amateur, deliberately or accidentally caught up events.’ – Suzi Stembridge (Author of the Greek Letters and Jigsaw series of books)

‘Trevor Hawkins, Rob Johnson’s witty, hapless antagonist from Lifting the Lid, makes a return in this quirky mystery romp through the streets of Greece. The unique storyline, clever dialog, and a severed head for good measure keep the reader engaged. A total delight from beginning to end. My compliments.’ – Pamela Allegretto (Author of Bridge of Sighs and Dreams)


‘Intelligent and fun addition to this comedy-thriller series.. The dialogue is sharp, clever and well-observed.’ – Captain Howdee

‘The plot twists like a theme park ride… If you were going on holiday, this would be one to pack with your trunks and snorkel.’ – EricB

‘It fully reached and even surpassed my expectations… Great book which ought to find a spot in your holiday luggage..  Well done, and already looking forward to the trilogy!’ – Rod

‘Even better than ‘Lifting the Lid’! I really enjoyed the sequel to the very funny first book in the series… fast paced, witty, dry, believable (because we now know the characters) and above all, very funny! It’s very well planned out and written, and the author’s love of Greece shone through.’ – Rick Lawrence

‘‘Heads You Lose’ is a fun ride from start to finish, taking up the mantle from ‘Lifting the Lid’ with a fast paced plot that continually twists and turns. The mix of comedy and suspense is perfect… I particularly enjoyed the perfectly observed Greek idiosyncrasies. An immensely enjoyable and good fun read.’ – Patrick

‘What a jolly read. The story passes effortlessly between points of action and Milly is a joy. Most enjoyable romp as, indeed, was Lifting The Lid.’ – Mrs Irene Smith

‘Another brilliant effort. Once again Rob Johnson has managed to hit the right mix of humour and intrigue… I am looking forward to reading more of their adventures.’ – Saracynth

‘Loved this book. A great read. Very funny and really enjoyed the characters both old and new. Highly recommended and looking forward to the next episode.’ – Nuala Forde

‘Five stars. A very enjoyable book.’ – R W Turner

‘Very funny. I laughed till I cried. Good plot. I had to stay awake to finish it… Thanks for a fun read.’ – Wendy (via email)

‘A fantastic read and a superb page turner… Keep up the good work.’ – Stuart Broderick (via email)

‘Five stars. Loved it.’ – Hazel

‘Another fantastic read by this author… I must admit to laughing out loud at certain parts and look forward to more books in the near future.’ – Stuart

‘Five stars. Very good light hearted novel.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Light hearted read with some real laugh out loud bits too.’ – Jim

‘Once you start reading you will want to keep turning the pages… Great fun. It will raise more than a smile or two. It is an excellent read on its own but I would also recommend reading the first book ‘Lifting the Lid’. There are cunning twists in the plot; designed to shock and amuse.’ – DWH

‘Tom Holt meets Douglas Lindsay? Excellent fun… More please!’ – Spikey “nuttynicky”

‘Good fun! Easy enjoyable read. Look forward to book three.’ – DJB

‘A funny entertaining read.’ – Mr H

‘Excellent book, great twists in it and comical too!’ – Mrs A. Weston

‘Amusing and entertaining. A nice light read.’ – Grace

‘Read this as soon as I had finished the first book in the series. Great holiday read.’ – dcs

‘A wonderful sequel… This is as humorous and as easy-to-read as the first, the main characters having lost none of their likeability, and with the plot moving along nicely with twists and turns that keep the reader interested and chuckling throughout. Keep up the good work, Rob.’ – GardenDesigner

‘Lots of fun. Love Rob’s work… Just as good as Book 1. Will look out for more books by Rob.’ – Richard H. Smith

‘This book was so good I could not put it down. Very funny.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Five stars. Good story.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Quite a laugh. Well worth a read.’ – Will Dee

‘Follow up to Lifting the Lid even funnier! … A wonderful holiday read, with another well-planned plot. Can’t wait for the next one!’ – John Rogers

‘A fun and easy read. This was a great sequel to Lifting the Lid. With some brilliant new characters and plenty of twists in the story. Hope for another one in the series soon!’ – Steven Myers

‘Great sequel to Lifting the Lid. A fun adventure. Didn’t want it to end.’ – Charles Simmons

‘Good read with an unpredictable storyline.’ – Mr G Robinson

‘Very funny.’ – Rob Baldock

‘Fun, fast moving! Good read.’ – I F P

‘Enjoyable, witty read.’ – S. Duroe

‘Great fun and fast moving. I laughed so much.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Great holiday read… Buy and read both in the series. You will not be disappointed.’ – Clive C.

‘Another fun filled adventure! As entertaining as the first book.’ – Jayne Miller

‘Five stars. I’m getting the rest of the series now.’ – Phil Douglas

‘Fast and funny, and highly addictive! If you enjoyed Lifting the Lid, you will love this book too… I love the pace of this book, the crazy characters, the whole “mood” of the narrative which rattles along to a satisfying climax, and leaves the reader eagerly anticipating another in the series. More soon please, Rob!’ – corsario

‘Loved it just as much as Lifting the Lid! Delightful Comedy of Terrors light read. Still hoping for a book 3 to follow the adventures of Trevor, Sandra and Milly.’ – lpland

‘Stumbled upon the series by accident and what a happy accident it was… Honestly, I am much more impressed with this novel than its predecessor and am hoping the next will be at least as good.’ – Amazon Customer

‘This was a great read… It was very entertaining and I’ll definitely read the next one.’ – Ian J.

‘Two great books! I really enjoyed reading these books. Very interesting, full of exciting action and suspense.’ – PKaulukukui

‘I read Lifting the Lid before Heads You Lose and thoroughly enjoyed each of them. Both books had me laughing throughout but each is a real good crime story with dastardly villains and reluctant heroes too. Smoke a bowl, pop the top on a couple of cold ones then sit back and enjoy the adventures of Trevor and Sandra. You would be hard pressed to find a better entertainment bargain.’ – Bill Hoyler

‘Nice twist. Light and enjoyable read, keeps you interested in the plot with minor twists. Humor and mystery well balanced in a simple manner.’ – Ravichandra

‘Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. What a great second book… Throw in a couple of side plots and an old enemy and you have a great story. It’s funny, it’s enthralling and it made me want to read more and more. Come on Rob Johnson, write Lifting the Lid #3.’ – phil

‘Really enjoyed it. As they say, a rollicking good romp. Lots of laughs and an interesting story line.’ – Peter Hess

‘Hilarious. After reading “Lifting the Lid”, I just had to read this, and it is even better. Loved every minute of it and am now reading the third book. Don’t pass this up if you like a good, funny mystery.’ – Maxine Curtis

‘2nd one as good as the first! I loved the first book so was excited to read the second. Unlike other sequels which can fall flat this one had me laughing the same way the first one did. Enjoy!’ – Allison Sack

‘Enjoyed this story. Really interesting characters. Was glad to see Trevor finally getting over being timid and finally getting the girl. Liked Sandra and truly liked old Marcus. Hope I can find another book by this author.’ – Kindle Customer

‘Rob Johnson genius. Thoroughly enjoyed both books and look forward to reading more from Mr Johnson.😁 I will search for more books by this author.’ – Samuel Leslie Hutchinson

‘Perfect. Funny, witty and a perfect antidote to lockdown blues.’ – Amazon Customer [Reviewed during Covid-19 lockdown 2020]

‘Very funny and entertaining read.’ – Edward Mason

‘Excellent pair of yarns. Great characters and plot twists and dialogue. Have to see what else he has published. But still a great series.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Great fun to read.’ – Karrots

‘Witty, fast paced capers. Great book, really enjoyable and entertaining read. Cracking interlocking plots and constant action and wit and great follow on to Lifting the Lid. I just wish there were more in the series.’ – Richiep

‘Brilliant book from start to finish. Bloody Nora, so what’s the humour about a severed head passed off as a melon? Let me tell you, quite a lot. The dark humour flows and grips you from the start. The book in some ways reminds me of Tom Sharpe writing. A total joy to read.’ – Mark Jones

‘Enjoyable, easy reading and fun. I’ve read both the books in this series. I enjoy the Irish/English humor and writing and enjoy stories that flow nicely, have a plot, and keeps the humor unforced. These books both meet that criteria. Thanks Rob Johnson.’ – Joseph Donahue

‘Great read for the beach or couch! I read this during lockdown and at least something made me happy. Would recommend to people with good imaginations everywhere.’ – Sarah Boyle

’10/10. Great book with some ace baddies. When I got to the last chapter I got book 2 ready on my kindle. It rolls straight into it. Totally you should read these.’ – johnwalker

‘Funny funny people. Rob’s books are full of stupid people doing stupid stuff but in a funny way. I’d like to have a beer with most of them but am glad they’re not in my family!!’ – Kindle Customer

‘I love the way the author has developed the characters throughout these novels. As the plot swings from one extreme to another, deftly interwoven are the protagonists. And, a tension is created that can only be lessened by finishing the novel – or in this case, moving on to the third book in the series. Good read!’ – Terry

‘Comically a really good farce. The larger than life characters are really easy to picture in my head. Just started to read the third book.’ – Pengoch

‘Another good read. Like the first book, I enjoyed it. Quite well put together and flowed well I thought, so I have just downloaded the third book. Hope it’s as enjoyable and humorous as the first two.’ – smoky joe

‘Good fun… I enjoyed the descriptions of Greek ways and language. On to book three…’ – Mr M S Skitt (on Goodreads)

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Click here for details of Lifting the Lid (Book 1 in the Lifting the Lid series).

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