‘Lifting the Lid’ – Reviews

Below are some of the comments I’ve received so far from critics and readers about my comedy thriller Lifting the Lid (Book 1 in the Lifting the Lid series):


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‘A superb adventure-comedy… Lifting the Lid will grab you and pull you along for a fun and wild ride… I can’t wait for the sequel!’ – Jennifer Reinoehl for Readers’ Favorite

‘It’s brilliant!… You’ll laugh so hard, you’ll have to make a couple trips to the restroom… The writing is fast paced, funny and downright thrilling.’ – Samantha Coville for SammytheBookworm.com

‘The roller coaster ride is wonderfulThe twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat, laughing all the time… wonderful, hilarious descriptions.’ – Long and Short Review

‘The story is just so much FUN! It is entertaining, well-written, cleverly planned and expertly timed… Johnson gives his reader variety in mood, pace, setting and dialogue, never giving them a chance to become bored or to be able to predict where the story is heading.’ – Joanne Armstrong for Ingrid Hall Reviews

‘An enjoyable romp… The author quite neatly escalates the story as it proceeds, adding several layers of complexity and characters.’ – Keith Nixon for Big Al’s Books and Pals

‘An enjoyable read… It brought to mind Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels.’ – Paul Little for Little Ebook Reviews

‘One hilariously confusing predicament after another… I would recommend the book to anyone who enjoys broad humor and unlikely but likeable heroes.’ – Dixiane Hallaj for Awesome Indies

‘The action is very fast-paced, flipping from one scene to another and I was kept guessing throughout… The story is intriguing, but the best part is just enjoying the frolic from one adventure to the next… Lovers of comedic thrillers are sure to enjoy Lifting the Lid.’ – San Francisco Review of Books

‘A truly clever plot, packed with humour and the most unexpected twists and turns… This author creates brilliant suspense encased in serious humour! An excellent read.’ – Suzi Stembridge (Author of the Greek Letters and Jigsaw series of books)

‘Rob Johnson’s sharp writing, snappy dialogue, and quick wit drive this quirky tale. His characters are well drawn and relatable.’ – Pamela Allegretto (Author of Bridge of Sighs and Dreams)

‘Lift this lid for espionage and laughs! Lifting the Lid is a humorous, fast-paced, crime caper that kept me interested and laughing throughout… The story never slows as it bounces from one quirky character to the next… Lifting the Lid was a truly satisfying book. I have read Rob Johnson’s hilarious Quest for the Holey Snail, and while humour abounds in both stories, Lifting the Lid is delightfully different, showing the versatility of the author. I look forward to reading the sequel, Heads You Lose. Long live Trevor, Millie and Sandra!’ – Lance Carney (Author of the Daniel O’Dwyer Oak Island series)

‘I enjoyed the adventures of Trevor, it was fun, lighthearted, with a dark edge. The story was captivating and moved along at a good pace. Just the sort of book I like to relax with.’ – Adrian Spalding (Author of The Reluctant Detective)


‘I can honestly say it’s one of the best books I’ve ever come across.’ – Ferdi Vial (via email)

‘Fantastic read. Hurry up with the next one.’ – Stuart Broderick (via email)

‘A wonderful read… with lots of unexpected twists and turns… will make you laugh out loud, but there is in addition a subtle political aspect to the work, involving high-level cover-up and corruption.’ – Silenus

‘Couldn’t put it down… Great plot, real characters and dialogue, great fun… Excellent – where’s the next one?’ – I R Bowns

‘An excellent read… As a Christopher Brookmyre fan I enjoyed this book immensely and would certainly highly recommend it, very funny indeed.’ – Brighton Reader

‘A comedy-thriller that is comic and thrilling for a change… I was kept guessing until the end… Definitely looking forward to reading more from this author.’ – Captain Howdee

‘A cracking read… This is a fast moving story with a strong plot, lots of humour and well drawn characters… Made me laugh out loud. Looking forward to encountering the likeable Trevor and his crazed dog Milly in the sequel.’ – Andrew Jones

‘Great British thriller. What a great read… Highly recommended.’ – Stalin

‘A well-crafted and witty crime novel.  I loved the characters and plot of this very polished and fast-paced novel… I never lost my interest or commitment to the story and characters from first to last sentence… Really looking forward to the sequel/s.’ – L P Philcox

‘Jokes and crime, sublime… If you like crime stories and can smile then this is one for you… hilarious…This really is very good stuff. I can’t wait for the sequel.’ – Eric B

‘Utterly enjoyable… Plenty of laugh out loud moments and enough substance to sink your teeth into. I couldn’t wait to pick it up to see what was happening next.’ – Saracynth

‘A great read… very enjoyable and entertaining with the twists and turns of the story. Awaiting the new book, please hurry up.’ – Pat

‘A laugh out loud page turner. I chuckled my way through every chapter of this highly enjoyable book… With fresh characters, humorous dialogue and a strong storyline, it is a true comedy crime thriller of the highest standard.’ – Patrick

‘Funny and hard to put down.’ – Bonusking

‘It made me laugh out loud a few times. Enjoyed it immensely.’ – Nuala

‘This book liked me, and I am grateful for that. It massaged my humour muscles and made staying up late, sometimes past 10pm, worthwhile. Have a go.’ – Bellowsmain

‘A refreshing change of pace… Well written.’ – Simonze

‘This is a good and funny book. It gave me some really good laughs.’ – Skeeter

‘This is hilarious, full of action and humor… It will keep you laughing and reading till the very end.’ – Wayne

‘I am getting to like books written by British and Australian authors more and more… This book is funny and interesting. Better than most books.’ – mike69101

‘This was a sharply written book. Lots of twists and turns, but easy to follow. The dialogue was snappy . . . and very funny.’ – Chris Newton

‘It was good and a fast read… it kept me wanting to finish it.’ – goofball94

‘An interesting thriller with all kinds of twists and turns.’ –  TBreakiron

‘Nice little comic caper.’ – James N Simpson

‘Enjoyed the story very much… Milly was great too.’ – Squeaky

‘Easy read… Well written.’ – Readalot

‘Brilliant. I enjoyed this book from start to finish. It kept me hooked and I was always looking forward to having a moment to carry on reading it.’ – Cukirikova

‘Brian Rix with guns… I will buy the sequel.’ – Kevin Peck

‘Really funny book. Entertaining characters and great fast paced plot. Buy it and buy it now!’- Jonathan

‘Mixups and mayhem… I highly recommend this book to mystery fans.’ – Terry Ewing

‘Wow, what a story!… Couldn’t put it down. Good story, good plot and keeps you hanging on to the end, and very funny in places.’ – M. Coleman-street

‘The humour is delightfully dry and the characters are very real… A great read… Keenly awaiting the sequel.’ – Sandy Whyte

‘Great.’ – Catherine McCleary

‘Well worth giving a go.’ – Bob Standen

‘If you’re open to easy harmless fun, this is your book; laughed out loud.’ – Lisahodg

‘A very entertaining easy read.’ – Peter Warwick

‘Very funny. A real page turner.’ – Rolly

‘As fun to read as it was funny… I can hardly wait for the sequel.’ – Lillian Yarmane

‘A nice surprise. Didn’t remember downloading this but glad I did. Fun read.’ – Linda882

‘A must have read. Brilliant and very funny… Couldn’t put it down and can’t wait for the sequel.’ – Weald Wrinkly

‘Old-school humour at its best. This is one of those books that you just don’t want to put down… I am now looking forward to the next release.’ – D C Macphail

‘Loved it! This would make a great movie. Fast paced, very funny and highly entertaining. Couldn’t put it down and didn’t want it to end. Hurry up with the sequel!’ – Jonathan Lee

‘A thoroughly good romp.’ – La Lectrice

‘Great book. Couldn’t put it down.’ – Neil

‘Just finished “Lifting The Lid”, & loved it! Look forward to your next book. Thank you.’. – robbeau1970 (via Twitter)

‘Just finished reading “Lifting the lid” Great read. Will start “Heads you lose” tomorrow. Cheers!’ – David Heaton ‏@HeatonGBRrrr (via Twitter)

‘This was slick, fast paced, funny and has believable characters… Altogether thoroughly enjoyable.’ – Rick Lawrence (See also what Rick said about both books in the comments section of this page.)

‘I really enjoyed this book… I immediately bought the second book in the series and highly recommend them to anyone who wants a great read.’ – Fred Wood

‘Really enjoyed the book. A laugh out loud crime caper. Looking forward to reading the sequel.’ – Wendy (via email)

‘A fantastic story that picks up pace and is real page turner’ – Stuart

‘I chuckled my way through every chapter of this highly enjoyable book… A true comedy crime thriller of the highest standard… A highly recommended great fun read.’ – Heidi Woodgate

‘Great read with plenty of twists and turns.’ – Peter Williams

‘Great book. Excellent from start to finish… This guy is a great writer. I couldn’t put the book down.’ – Steve G “EX 2”

‘Great read. Intriguing plot that draws you in from start to finish. Light-hearted with humour pervading every page. Strongly recommended.’ – Rich GW

‘Entertaining start to finish.’ – Timothy J Kelly

‘It’s a great read. Adroitly plotted, well characterised and above all funny! Highly recommended… The central plot device that sets the whole story going is a wonderful invention yet completely believable… I’ve just ordered a hard copy of the sequel.’ – John Rogers

‘Loved the silly plot and the “easy read”. It brightened our days. Just thought you’d like to know you have three new fans. Just going to start the sequel. Thanks a lot.’ – Val, Jo and Bren (via email)

‘We loved the easy read and the comedic style so much that we’re now reading the sequel “Heads You Lose”.’ – GardenDesigner

‘Really enjoyed this, and when I finished it I started the sequel straight away.’ – dcs

‘An easy and funny book to read, with some very interesting characters.’ – Steven Myers

‘Loved this book. Love comedy thrillers. This one was great fun. Will be reading Book 2 next.’ – Richard H. Smith

‘I loved ‘Lifting the Lid’. It made me laugh out loud in places and times when I shouldn’t and it kept its humour right to the end, which is rare in my experience. I highly recommend it.’ – June (comment on website)

‘Five stars. I love these humorous stories. This was very good.’ – Tony Froggatt

‘I found this to be an enjoyable book with lots of twists and turns and would definitely recommend it.’ – Simon Lee

‘Five stars. Excellent.’ – Jeffrey Richley

‘I love a good yarn and this was. I reckon it would make a very enjoyable Channel 4 film, Hollywood would ruin it. Loved all the characters… Just a rollicking good read. Enjoyed the roller coaster.’ – Suz (on Goodreads)

‘The underdog gets there. Well worth a read. Not what you expect.’ – Will Dee

‘Excellent read!’ – Mrs A Weston

‘A quick read which accomplishes what it set out to do, keep the reader interested… a very entertaining story. Funny with some interesting characters. I’m starting the next in the series.’ – Lara

‘I must say it was a delight from start to finish and I have already downloaded the sequel. Many thanks Rob, keep it up.’ – Alan W Shaw

‘Five stars. Easy to read, good plot, well written.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Loved it. Just about to read the sequel. You’ve gained another fan. Keep writing!!’ – So breen (Comment on Ingrid Hall review website)

‘The plot is cleverly put together starting with a toilet which wouldn’t flush and moving on from there… an interesting read.’ – Byres Scotland

‘Easy reading and just right for quiet night in. Thank you.’ – Peter

‘An enjoyable, amusing and well constructed comedy thriller.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Found it funny throughout. Hilarious.’ – Richard Brent

‘A comedy of errors. A witty, enjoyable read.’ – S. Duroe

‘Just finished Lifting the Lid as a holiday read. Thank you. Great fun.’ –  Andrew Johnson ‏@CheckersPoppy (via Twitter)

‘Very entertaining read. Loved it!’ – P.S.Lowe

‘I enjoyed this sinister but light hearted read. It kept me chuckling along right to the end. A thoroughly gripping yarn.’- Cliff Rowell

‘Five stars. Enjoyed this very much.’ – Plumbob

‘An easy read with a fun plot that keeps you guessing and chuckling in equal measure. Interesting characters that the author described really well so you feel you know them. Give it a go. You won’t regret it.’ – John Payne

‘Five stars. Very funny book. Enjoyed it. Am now reading the sequel.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Enjoyed this comic thriller… Fast paced with many twists and turns.’ – Nicola

‘A nice easy read which left me wanting to read the sequel.’ – Jayne Miller

‘Five stars. Brilliant.’ – Amazon Customer

‘My son (who is not a book reader) couldn’t put it down.’ – Demetri Linda-p

‘Good fun read.’ – Granny Di

‘Flushed with success! And what comedy it is. The dialogue is wonderful, especially the bad guys. A real treat as I had no idea what it was going to be like and found myself hooked and regularly either chuckling or laughing out loud. Don’t keep the lid on this novel but tell everyone about it.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Many chuckles out loud, many smiles and mental chuckles. Looking forward to next in series. A promising start. Woof woof.’ – Spineman

‘Lose yourself in a good book. This one. Laugh out loud well plotted book. Good rounded characters. Snappy dialogue. Enjoy!’ – M L Jupp

‘Entertaining and well constructed. I liked the pace of the book in that it made you keen to go from one chapter to the next.’ – P S Newman

‘Fun book.’ – Katmandoo

‘The toilet lid… gateway to a narrative that will flush you along, twisting and turning like a sh*t heading for the coast! I have not often found an author of light entertainment who fulfilled my requirement for a fun, rollicking narrative that borders on fantasy and provides escapism in such a refreshing way… If your life needs cheering-up, buy this, and the sequel, Heads You Lose, and lose yourself in the fun!’ – corsario

‘Wonderful fun book! I love it when I discover a new author to sate my reading fix… Hilariously funny action-adventure-thriller-mystery comedy of errors. Couldn’t wait to read the sequel, Heads You Lose, and read the continued antics of Trevor and Sandra. I’m halfway through and it doesn’t disappoint. Please, Rob Johnson, we need more in the series!’ – lpland

‘The plot galloped along and in places I was nearly doubled up in laughter.’ – Sara

‘Twisty. Entertaining read.’ – Kindle Customer

‘Really funny!! This is a funny, well written book and I just downloaded the second book in what I hope will be a continuing series.’ – Nancy

‘Outstanding and hilarious! You will not regret reading this book…unless you’re allergic to laughter I suppose. An oddly believable tale of the frankly unbelievable. With MI5 and local police and gangsters and a beautiful girl or two, Rob takes us on a trip that is more fun than taking an actual trip. And cheaper.
No worries, everything turns out fine in the end. Except for the folks who die.
Get it.
Read it.
Laugh out loud. A lot.’ – Jamie

‘Wild ride. A laugh a minute. All sorts of characters none of which has their act together in a collision course.’ – William J. Gimbel III

‘Fun read. Good plot with some good twists.’ – Phil Adams

‘Really funny. The characters are outrageous and the plot borders on the implausible but the underlying darkness makes it more than a gag. It was a fast read and as I said it was fun. Oh, and it’s very English. So all in all, it’s not a bad combination.’ – Patrick Barnes (Goodreads)

‘Really enjoyed this. It would make a great TV special.’ – Jeni (Goodreads)

‘Too funny! Very enjoyable read. I read a lot of crime fiction and this was a welcome lighthearted break. I look forward to the sequel.’ – bcudaman

‘A different take on the usual comedy “caper”… Originality is what fuels the engine of my imagination. The anti-hero characters are more interesting and, frankly, easier to identify with.’ – Kindle Customer Gary Spitzer

‘Entertaining and engaging. Enjoyable, well-paced and well-edited. Humorous with good character development and unexpected plot twists and turns… It’s a fun and at times suspenseful read.’ – Kindle Customer

‘Interesting and very funny. Loved the story and the crazy cast of characters. Will have to read the next book to see if Trevor, Millie and Sandra stay together.’ – Kindle Customer

‘Great read! This book is funny and fast paced. If you’re looking for a good book to read over a weekend this is it.’ – Allison Sack

‘What a funny book this is, a comedy thriller with the main stars being the hapless Trevor and his dog… The book has three or four stories running in tandem and the end is hilarious. I feel this is a character based book and the author brings them to life so well. The plot is funny and keeps you wanting to turn the page. It’s got cops, robbers and a little love interest. As the book draws to an end you want it to be a 15 book series.’ – Phil Altimas (on Goodreads)

‘Great humor. This was a fun read. Well written, humorous, and it holds your interest to the end. What a bunch of nuts. Ha ha ha.’ – Maxine Curtis

‘Yep, THAT’S what I’m in the mood for!’ – Genine Franklin-Clark (on Goodreads)

‘I loved this book. It was a great story with a large cast of larger than life characters. There were laugh out loud moments, and reading all the “britisms” was a real treat for this ex-pat Brit. Can’t wait to read the next book in the series. Thanks Mr Johnson, for a very entertaining book.’ – Frankie

‘Excellent.’ – Amazon Customer

‘A very funny, exciting book. A story that takes you along with it. You can almost hear the sound of the characters speech, so precisely does the dialogue flow from their mouths; Some hideous, some you would happily befriend. You can hear and see them, demonstrating that the pictures are always better in books! In my humble opinion it is a wonderfully written book and I have just started the sequel. You will not be disappointed.’ – PGD

‘Lots of laughs. Rob Johnson has created a small masterpiece of improbable characters in even more improbable situations. Don’t take this story too seriously. Just go along for the ride and do as I did…read the follow up ( Lifting the Lid 2 ), and have lots of laughs.’ – Kindle Customer

‘A cistern of death. Lifting the Lid is a comic thriller of the first rank. Who knew that repairing a non-flushing toilet could lead to dangerous situations? … The tale has numerous twists and turns as a number of organizations – MI5, the police, gangsters, the government – try to recover the package. This is a satisfying read that is hard to put down.’ – Frank S. Krol

‘Fast paced and fun read. Started and finished the book in one weekend. Fast paced and action packed. Really found myself rooting for Trevor and Sandra. Looking forward to reading the other books in the series.’ – Kindle Customer

‘Rob, keep ’em coming! My only disappointment is that, thus far, there’s only one more in the series! I LOVE Trevor, Milly and the wonderful, eclectic cast of characters. Brilliant and hilarious, too! Clever plot with Keystone Kops-like sub-plotting. Like David Rosenfelt and Caimh McDonnell with their characters Andy Carpenter and Bunny McGarry, Rob Johnson goes rocketing way up on my hit list of favorites. These stories are like Cheetos. Just TRY eating one!’ – Ronald A. Barber

‘This book needs to be made as a film! Really enjoyed the book. Recognisable characters, old fashioned humour and no unnecessary swearing to spoil the fun. Great non-serious book to chuckle at when looking for some escape :-)’ – Paul (Goodreads)

‘Good fun! Lifting the Lid is a terrific read. The characters are a delightful bunch who will have you giggling and outright laughing from page to page. After a read, you’ll start smiling every time you are “Lifting the Lid”.’ – A D Adams, Jr

‘A great read. The perfect medicine for the lockdown blues. Congratulations, Rob. Just what’s needed.’ – Amazon Customer [Reviewed during Covid-19 lockdown 2020]

‘Delightful little tale, wonderfully written and told. I’ll be reading the sequel. It’s not often you come across something so easy to read!’ – Tony (on Goodreads)

‘A good, funny and entertaining book with a good plot line and a great twist at the end.’ – Mr A B Cook

‘Great story and was a page turner. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I did not expect to read it as quickly as I did. The story was great and was a page turner. I’m excited to read the second part.’ – Johnny

‘Enjoyable book. Quite fast paced at times. Excellent characters.’ – adrian heginbotham

‘Great start to an interesting read! Nice characters and twists in plot. Good dialogue even for us Yanks. Cutting this short to get on the next story. Good read.’ – Amazon Customer

‘Feeling a bit flushed after that. Took me a while to get my head around what it was all about, but once I got it..it was a good book. Easy to read and really enjoyed it.’ – Chris Barty

‘Really funny book, bought not knowing what to expect but thoroughly enjoyed it.’ – Edward Mason

‘Hilarious, great read. Hopefully will read the next one in the series soon.’ – Trackmonkey

‘Well written fun read. I really enjoyed Lifting the Lid. It is well written, smart, witty and a bit twisted… it had me laughing out loud at times. I enjoyed the well-developed, myriad of whacky characters (the dog! LOL). LTL is definitely a fun read… highly recommend.’ – CMM

‘A splendid yarn.’ – Frank Gower (on Goodreads)

‘Fun(ny) read. This is a good time read with lots of laughs and good characters. Looking forward to more.’ – David O

‘Intelligent comedy. Enjoyed this book a lot and I’m happy I chose it as my first read of 2021. Characters were engaging enough and I did care what happened to them which in my opinion is the sign of a great book. This wasn’t a laugh out loud comedy, it was more subtle than that – the kind of humour I enjoy the most – the book was more about the storyline than the comedy, an approach I wish more comedy writers would take… Would recommend to readers that enjoy a bit of a mystery.’ – Natalie Evans

‘Great comedy thriller. Great book with interconnecting stories and great humour. I wish there were more books as good as this in the comedy thriller genre.’ – Richiep

‘A very good read. Right from the start I got straight into this book. For me that’s a plus since often in the early pages of a book I find myself rereading over again to familiarise. The story flowed with lots of great humour. Recommend.’ – Mark Jones

‘Enjoyable adventure. Extremely entertaining. Happened on this book (and this author) by pure happenstance. Was glad I did. Burned through this one and the follow-up (“Heads You Lose”) in short order. The characters were enjoyably flawed and the plot twists were often surprising. Well worth the time.’ – Kindle Customer

‘Just over half way through but it keeps me entertained. The plot keeps changing, leaving me more and more curious as to what happens next.’ – Kindle Customer

‘A great read. A very humorous tale with great characters and a fantastic storyline. I look forward to reading more by Rob Johnson.’ – Ian

‘It is all a lot of fun… I enjoyed the time I spent reading this entertaining romp.’ – Andy McKinney (Vine Voice)

‘Good fun. Easy to read. I liked Trevor although others might not. Plot well constructed and develops at a fair pace. Some funny moments.’ – motorcyclingparrot

‘Some laugh out loud moments. Entertaining good read. Enjoyed the quirky characters too. A change from the norm. Particularly loved the stakeout code names…’ – Ginger

‘A complicated and funny story. Often books that are meant to be funny are not for me. This was though, despite an awful lot of deaths and nastiness. And of course the final reveal!’ – S D Holloway

‘Enjoyable read. A well written book. Also found it funny. It was a good sign when the blurb didn’t say it was hilarious because usually when it does it isn’t. I will read the rest of the series.’ – smoky joe

‘Being a fan of thrillers and comedy it was not a difficult choice to read a comic thriller. I was not let down and I am very much looking forward to the follow-up. The main character and his accidental journey into murder and mystery was definitely an interesting read… The main character’s dog definitely brings humour to a lot of the scenes and was a highlight of the book… I did enjoy reading about his travels around the UK and there are definitely some interesting additional characters that pop up during the story. I will be reading book 2 so well worth pick up.’ – Damion Saunders (on Goodreads)

‘Humorous excitement. A very interesting tale told with wit and humour. The main character is an ordinary man who on one hand wants to get away from it all but longs for some excitement as well. He got his wishes and a bit more. Great read.’ – John O’Donnell

Click here for details and where to buy Lifting the Lid.

Click here to read the opening chapters.

Click here for details of Heads You Lose (Book 2 in the Lifting the Lid series).

2 thoughts on “‘Lifting the Lid’ – Reviews

    • Hi Rick. Thanks for taking the time to get in touch, and I’m glad you enjoyed the books. Many thanks also for posting the great reviews on Amazon. (if you can bear to, would you mind posting the reviews on Amazon.com as well because they don’t automatically show up on both sites?)

      You might be pleased to know that I’m well on the way to writing my next novel, although this is very different from the other two. Once this one’s finished, though, I’ll be getting on with the third book in the ‘Lifting the Lid’ series.

      All the best,



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