My Big Fat Greek Defence Budget – Episode One of ‘One Thing and Another’ Podcast Series

A bit of spoof investigative journalism into why Greece spends enormous amounts of money on buying weapons whilst simultaneously making massive cuts in jobs, wages, pensions and healthcare.

Eurozone leaders such as Merkel and Sarkozy have been heavily critical of how much Greece spends on healthcare and pensions but have said precious little about its arms expenditure. Could this possibly have anything to do with the fact that most of Greece’s shiny new submarines, fighter planes and tanks have been bought from Germany and France as well as the USA? Or is that just me being cynical?

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Out Now! ‘Quest for the Holey Snail’

“Not just another book about serial-killing monks who travel through time and wear Union Jack flip-flops.” – Unusual Footwear Monthly

Quest for the Holey Snail is now available in e-book and paperback formats from Amazon.

'Quest for the Holey Snail' cover

Cover design by Penny Philcox © 2016

WANTED:  Gainful employment of an adventurous nature but without risk of personal physical harm. (Can supply own time travel machine if required.)

When Horace Tweed places an advertisement in a national magazine, the last thing he expects is to be commissioned to travel back through time in search of the long extinct Holey* Snail.

But this isn’t just any old snail. The helix pertusa is possessed of an extraordinary and highly desirable property, and Horace’s quest leads him and his co-adventurers to Ancient Greece and a variety of near-death encounters with beings both mythological and not so mythological.

Meanwhile, Detective Chief Inspector Harper Collins has her hands full trying to track down a secret order of fundamentalist monks whom she suspects of committing a series of murders – the same monks who are determined to thwart Horace in his…

 Quest for the Holey Snail.

 (* This isn’t a spelling mistake. The Holey Snail is so called because there are hundreds of tiny holes all over its shell.)

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