‘Lifting the Lid’ – A comedy thriller

Book 1 in the ‘Lifting the Lid’ series

'Lifting the Lid'

Cover design by Brian Ground from an original painting by Kostas Tsoukatos © 2013

‘A superb adventure-comedy. . . I can’t wait for the sequel!’
Jennifer Reinoehl for Readers’ Favorite

‘It’s brilliant!… You’ll laugh so hard, you’ll have to make a couple trips to the restroom.’
Samantha Coville for SammytheBookworm.com

‘The roller coaster ride is wonderful… The twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat, laughing all the time.’
Long and Short Reviews

Lifting the Lid is available as an e-book and as a paperback from Amazon.

There are some things people see in toilets that they wish they hadn’t. What Trevor Hawkins sees might even cost him his life.

When Trevor hits the open road in his beat-up old camper van with his incorrigible dog, Milly, his quest for adventure soon spirals dangerously out of control. The simple act of flushing a hotel toilet transforms his life from redundant sales assistant to fugitive from a gang of psychopathic villains, the police and MI5.

Then there’s private detective Sandra Gray, who could cheerfully throttle him for turning a well paid, piece-of-cake job into a total nightmare. Or could she?

With more twists and turns than an Escher-designed bobsleigh run, Lifting the Lid is a comic thriller about how a single, split-second decision can change someone’s life forever.

Click here to read the first four chapters.

Click here to read reviews.

Click here for details of Heads You Lose (Book 2 in the Lifting the Lid series).

4 thoughts on “‘Lifting the Lid’ – A comedy thriller

  1. I loved Lifting the lid, it made me laugh out loud in places and times when i shouldn’t and it kept its humour right to the end x which is rare in my experience x i highly recommend it x


    • Hi June.
      Many thanks for taking the trouble to leave a comment, and I’m delighted you enjoyed ‘Lifting the Lid’. I’d love to know which parts made you laugh out loud when you shouldn’t have – and where you were at the time! I hope you enjoy ‘Heads You Lose’ (the sequel) if you decide to take the plunge.
      Best wishes and many thanks again,


  2. I just finished the book CREMAINS and it was such a funny, entertaining book. I should have started it and gone to sleep but I started laughing and couldn’t put it down so I’m still awake. Thank goodness I’m retired!! It’s hard to find books this good so I’m thrilled to start my journey through more of your books. You are such a wonderful writer; thank goodness I’ve found you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Lyndia. Many thanks for taking the trouble to leave a comment. I’m delighted to hear how much you enjoyed ‘Cremains’ and that it gave you some good laughs. You really made my day with such high praise! I hope you enjoy my other books just as much.

      Incidentally, if you’d like to subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll be kept informed of all my future releases, discounts, etc. I promise you won’t be bombarded with unwanted emails as I only send out a handful each year.

      All the best and thank you again,



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