Unlucky for Some – Episode Thirteen of ‘A Kilo of String’ Podcast Series

Why is spitting sometimes good for you? How do you get rid of unwelcome guests? How many lives does a Greek cat have? Who put something unpleasant in the Dowager Duchess’s corset?

Listen to the podcast to find the answers to these and many other important questions about life in Greece.

Click the play button or download the MP3 (15 mins 22 secs – 8.8 Mb)

Click here to listen to previous episodes of ‘A Kilo of String’

4 thoughts on “Unlucky for Some – Episode Thirteen of ‘A Kilo of String’ Podcast Series

    • Hi Jim. Many thanks for your ‘reading log’ synopsis/critique of my new comedy thriller ‘Lifting the Lid’, which is available from– Oh okay, I’ll stop now.

      Seriously though, I’m really enjoying reading what you’ve written about the book. Great stuff. I particularly liked the bit about “the Rob Johnson universe, where nothing ever quite works properly”.



    • Looking forward to finding out how the book ends. Should there be a spoiler alert? 🙂


      P.S. You might get a few hits on your website from Facebook. Penny posted a link to it earlier.


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